Fail of the Day: Man Steals Truck, Kidnaps Woman While Reenacting 'GTA'

College student decided to reenact Grand Theft Auto because the video game wasn’t enough.

n-ZACHARY-BURGESS-largePeople are so busy worrying about the effects that violent video games have on children that they forget about the stupid a### adults who are just as impressionable.

Zachary Burgess, 20, decided that playing Grand Theft Auto on his game console wasn’t enough, so he decided to take it to the streets. He stole a pickup truck, kidnapped a woman and crashed nine parked cars because he wanted to feel more like that character, reports WDSU-TV.

Burgess, a lacrosse player at Auburn University, embarked on his crime spree Saturday morning in Baton Rouge, La. It started in the parking lot of a bar where Burgess was present. The owner of a truck got out and left it running with a female passenger inside. Burgess got in the vehicle and attempted to leave the parking lot but not before crashing into several cars that were blocking his path. He abandoned the car a few yards from the crime scene. A group of witnesses held him until officers arrived.

When policed questioned him he told them that he wanted to see what it was like to be a character from Grand Theft Auto. Burgess was arrested and charged with theft of a motor vehicle, nine counts of hit and run and simple kidnapping.

He was released Sunday after posting $80,000 bond. So, he paid $80,000 for bond and now faces charges versus just keeping his butt home and playing his $300 PlayStation. Alrighty then.