Fashion Magazine Criticizes Jay Z’s Face


Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

It’s normal to critique red carpet fashion looks, however fashion journal ‘Women’s Wear Daily’ took it a step further by critiquing Jay Z’s face. In almost an ode to the female arm candy at the Met Gala, WWD wrote an article critiquing the men. They weren’t too nice when it came to Jay Z’s attire, and they also took a moment to go in on his physical appearance.

“The smile lines are becoming too deep. A bit of filler would do wonders. Maybe he can reach out to his wife’s dermatologist. The double-breasted peak-label blazer is an elegant choice however, he seems to have gained some weight-it’s pulling in all the wrong places.”

They also said his carnation should have been red to tie in with the China theme. Ouch! Leave Jay alone! Well Beyonce shined enough for both of them, as they arrived late and she shut down the carpet.