Fat Joe Believes No One Cares About Big Pun’s Legacy


Fat Joe is letting it be known that the accusations about him taking Big Pun’s money and leaving his family broke are completely untrue.

Joe says Pun made millions and millions of dollars, and he didn’t realize that Pun had mishandled all of his money by the time he passed away.

He went on to say he helped raise $1 million for Pun’s family, and his widow ran through it because she was used to spending money like that. He says she came back and he cut her another check but told her after this there would be no more.

Fat Joe says he isn’t Jay Z or Puff so he can’t just take care of people’s families for life. He says people need to get a job.

Joe also says no one cares about Big Pun but him and Remy Ma. According to Fat Joe, they are the only ones trying to continue Big Pun’s legacy, and he believes that someone needs to drill it into Big Pun’s widow’s head.

Joe also touched on losing a lot of money promoting independent records as he recalls having to really put up some bags to get his records out. Consequently, he even failed big with promoting some records independently.

Do you feel like Fat Joe is the only one keeping Pun’s legacy alive?