Fed Up: LaTavia Says Don’t F-cking Ask Her About Beyonce!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp, former Destiny’s Child member, LaTavia Roberson is fed TF up with yall. Yall better not f-cking ask her about Beyonce or Destiny’s Child anymore!!!

The singer recently sat down with People for what she thought was an interview that would focus on her new book, ‘I Am LaTavia.’

Roberson jumped on Twitter blasting the publication for allegedly twisting her words to focus on Destiny’s Child drama. She has since deleted many of her tweets.

Below is the Tweet that set LaTavia off.

LaTavia was pretty upset over People making her sound “bitter” to the public.

“I gave you so much to talk about @People and all you decided to spin was a story about Destiny’s Child which is NOT a headline anymore,” tweeted Roberson.

She went on to say,

“I talked about losing my CHILD. New projects. Movie. My daughter, Lyric. I gave @people PLENTY. They CHOSE to report on DC. I was PLAYED.”

Now in all fairness, People shouldn’t have “played” her by ommitting the other stuff. But honestly and truly what does anyone else want to know about LaTavia outside of her Destiny’s Child days. If it weren’t for Destiny’s Child, why would anyone else care.

Hell maybe she should spill it all and use that to promote her book, and new endeavors. I mean it is her life, she did live it, and lived through that drama, and her rise and fall.

On the flip side, I can understand how people do move on, and how annoying it could get to be asked about DC and Beyonce all day everyday. But sis, you are one of the only people who knows more about Beyonce than any of us do.

Anyway, either People acted fast after being blasted, or they have a “part 2” of the interview coming all along. Roberson has since apologized for her Twitter outbursts. We still want to know about dem DC days. LOL.

LOL. Carry on.

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