Find Out Why The LGBT Community Is Big Mad At Lil Mama!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp, I doubt the LGBT community will be booking Lil Mama for any of their events.

The LGBT is upset over Lil Mama making what they believe was a distasteful joke about transgender people.

Apparently folks were also upset because Lil Mama used the phrase “Tranny” instead of Transgender.

Sometimes I feel bad for Lil Mama. Does she not have any friends, a team, a manager, or people that love her around her? It seems like she can’t with all of these L’s she takes.

It’s like her and Bow Wow take so many L’s that folks are really believing more and more everyday that they just may be the same person. LOL!

Lil Mama is a pretty girl with some sort of talent, but she just can’t get right. Her little corny joke went left, and the social media dragging followed suit! Some felt that Lil Mama had nerve even speaking on transgenders since folks swears she looks like Bow Wow.

Lil Mama tried to clarify her joke by saying that it was just a joke, and she even has transgender friends.

She’ll know next time! LOL.