Bad Bars: FL Rapper Arrested After Giving Cops Mixtape As ID?



Photo Credit: Palm Beach County Sherrif’s Office

Last week (Jan. 13), an aspiring Florida rapper was taken to the slammer. The Palm Beach County School District Police arrested Volvique Louis Jean Jr, on suspicion of reckless driving, this according to the Sun Sentinel. Police reports reflect that Jean Jr’s vehicle was stopped after it was reportedly witnessed speeding into the bus loop at Atlantic Community High School.

Volvique is a former student from that high school. Officers contend that Louis’ vehicle was being followed by two other erratically driving cars, which almost smashed into students. Employing a top flight golf cart, some astute officers forced Louis’ car to pull over. Soon a copper would request Jean Jr’s identification. Facing the pressing situation — Louis who was driving with a suspended license — decided to present his mixtape to the officer.

Next, it has been proclaimed that Louis turned into Speed Racer and zoomed away from the scene! Jean Jr., was eventually arrested on that same day. He was charged with trespassing on school grounds, driving on a suspended license, eluding, and reckless driving. Luckily, Louis was released from jail on the same day of his arrest.

So far, the rap name on the mixtape has not been released. Was this an intricately choreographed publicity stunt?