Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Sound Too Sure About The Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Fight


(AllHipHop Rumors) Look at Floyd Money Mayweather and his media training.

While the world seems to be heavily invested in this alleged forthcoming boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather sounds a little uncertain about it, perhaps because he’s encountering a lot of road blocks.

By now you are either on one side or the other when it comes to this Chris Brown and Soulja Boy foolery. Either you’re ready to spend your money ringside or pay-per-view, or you think they are making fools of not only themselves, but also of black people.

All of that money and these fools want to prove that they are hard “gang bangers.”

Floyd Mayweather stopped by ESPN’s First Take to give the real on this forthcoming celebrity fight.


“My thing is this. You know Hip Hop artists, R&B artists talking about physically hurting each other in the streets. My thing is put down the guns and put on the gloves. It can be a charity bout and the money can go towards something positive. I have Mayweather promotions and we’re about being positive. Is the fight going to happen? We’re working on it; it’s a lot of work,” said Floyd.

Mayweather also revealed that the fight wouldn’t take place in Abu Dhabi, as he would only have it in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Maybe it’s just me, but he seemed a little bit nonchalant and apathetic when speaking about the fight. Maybe because it’s been stressful putting it together.

Do you think this will blow over and not even happen? R&B singer Kelly Price has even announced that she will be singing the National Anthem during the fight?

Apparently the only fight that Floyd Mayweather is truly interested in is the Connor McGregor fight. Carry on.