Folks Believe Meek Mill Was Being Petty For Bringing Out Cardi B!


(AllHipHop Rumors) While Cardi B is just out here on her grind and come up getting this shmoney, Nicki Minaj’s fans still have it out for the girl and believe that Meek Mill is only linking with Cardi to be petty.

Nicki’s fans have been mad at Cardi ever since Remy Ma brought her out to perform at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. They felt that her performing with Remy was an ultimate sign of betrayal.

Cardi already let y’all know that she’s not beefing with anyone and that she’s not missing any opportunities because other people are. Earlier this month she also had to check Nicki Minaj’s crazy fan base. Apparently the Barbz weren’t happy about Cardi’s BET Awards nomination, and they also weren’t happy about Cardi “claiming” to be the only female rapper in 2017 with a Billboard Hot 100 hit with no features.

“Exactly idgaf about no beef sh-t I’m not beefing with nobody I’m not going to miss opportunities cause of sh-t that got nothin to do wit me, tweeted Cardi last month.

Now here’s where things get funny and interesting. Just because one person doesn’t rock with someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone associated with them has to feel the same way.

With this said, Meek Mill may genuinely like and rock with Cardi B. You know folks think that Meek is petty and messy, so they believe that the real reason Meek brought out Cardi B at his Philly Wins & Losses concert was to be petty towards Nicki and her fan base.

Cardi may not be the best rapper, but she’s definitely coming up in the lane, and folks are f’n with “Bodak Yellow.”

Do you think Meek was being petty or is it not that deep? Do you think Cardi will ever be true competition for Nicki?

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