French Montana Doesn’t Want His Girls Like Ayesha Curry


Photo via French Montana’s Instagram

As you know Ayesha Curry caused quite a stir on social media when she shared her thoughts on today’s fashion trends leaving little to the imagination. She said today’s trend of barely wearing any clothes isn’t her style. She says she would rather keep the good stuff covered for the one that matters, Steph Curry. People will find something to complain about, so people wasted no time coming after her and accusing her of “s### shaming”. Some went as far as to try to find her in revealing clothes to suggest that she was a hypocrite. Many agreed with her. French Montana said he liked what she was saying, but he didn’t want to see any covered up girls once he hit Miami. What are your thoughts? Were Ayesha’s comments fair? After all it’s her opinion and prerogative.

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