Fresh Lyrical Beef For Eminem

Houston, Eminem has another beef.

I am quite sure Eminem is not thinking about The Outsidaz at this point in this life or times. Another day, another beef. But, I am wondering…if he is in the back of that brain of his. Why? For me, I remember Eminem credible because of the Newark, NJ collective. They cosigned him before Dr. Dre. But now, there is the latest and its better than the Young Zee diss.

AZZ IZ of the Outz…goes in on him, but also reserves a couple bars for Slaughter House and even Yelawolf.

He calls Eminem a bunch of names but are there any facts in this song?

And then there is Young Zee…one of the biggest names from the 90’s in Newark, NJ.

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