Did Future Defy Steve Harvey’s Orders And Get With Lori Harvey? Chico DeBarge & Drugs!

Future must want all the smoke!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future may have to change his name to Past if he decides to mess with Steve Harvey! And it looks like that is exactly what Future is looking to do as he continues to sniff around Lori Harvey! Remember, I last reported that Future tried to crazy Thanksgiving, but Steve Harvey said “No plate for you!” I assume Future decided to rebel in his own way by finding the loophole. He’s hooked up with Lori anyway! After the family had a great Thanksgiving, they headed out to Abu Dhabi and soon found  that Future flew out there on his own dime to be with Lori! This has been forbidden by Baba Harvey! This is happening folks…I am here with my popcorn….

It does not appear that Future messed up their time, because Lori is grown.

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A DeBarge Goes Down…

Chico DeBarge is really living the dark legacy of his family. The R&B singer made his bones in the 90’s as one of the most prominent singers and he did well. The only thing is  he also had the drug stigma attached to him as well and now it ain’g going nowhere. Chico has been busted for meth. The brother was reportedly busted in a Walmart parking lot trying to breaking in an SUV using a wire, according to po-po. The coppers ran up on ol’ Chico and say that found methamphetamine after a search. After more searching, they found more drug paraphernalia in the SUV, which was his own SUV. He managed to lock himself out of his own vehicle. Formal charges are pending. Next time, call AAA!