Future & Rocko Trade Shots Over Alleged Lawsuit Settlement


(AllHipHop Rumors) The questions on everyone’s minds are have Future and Rocko really settled this $10 million lawsuit, and if so, was Rocko truly victorious.

Rumors hit the net that Rocko won the lawsuit against Future, and that Future was allegedly ordered to pay Future 50% of his tour revenue as well as giving Rocko the royalties of Future’s next two albums.

At first Rocko tried to downplay as well as deny the rumors. He even raised eyebrows when he posted and promoted Future’s new album.

Now it looks like the two are taking jabs at each other over the whole lawsuit. Why do I feel like Rocko is really laughing all the way to the bank?

Future recently went live on social media, and of course fans didn’t hold back about asking him about his situation with Rocko. According to Future, the reason he’s been dropping new music/albums has nothing to do with Rocko’s lawsuit…so he says.

Rocko was taking the high road at first, but he did have a little time to jump in The Shade Room’s comments saying,

“Big Mad or Little Mad.”

Future also posted a post on Instagram that many felt was directed towards Rocko. It was one big run-on sentence. LOL. Future said,

“who told u,you couldn’t b exactly who u wanted to be? They lied,they wasn’t bold they didn’t have the ambition they didn’t have the courage they was mislead they didn’t believe in they self when no one else would they cared about what other people thought of them they gave up not knowing god wouldn’t give u more than u could handle they didn’t sew seeds they didn’t have the passion they didn’t have the drive they didn’t tell u all of there flaws because they was scared of not being accepted by there peers they said I can’t I tried I need help but not me #HNDRXX.”

To some it seemed that Future was saying that Rocko didn’t even believe in himself, and Future did [believe in himself], and that’s why he succeeded.

Rocko has said that all-in-all, he just wants Future to succeed like he always has, however he wants Future to run him his coins that they agreed on originally. Do you think Future is in the wrong, or is Rocko? What are your thoughts?


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