G-Dep May Be Coming Home Soon


G-Dep was one of the biggest stars on Bad Boy Records, but now he’s serving 15 years for murder. Forces of good are working to get him out asap.

I finally can talk about something that I have not been able to talk about for a long time. Forces have been seeking to get G-Dep out of jail for quite some time. Now, it is all happening.

Here’s a recap of G-Dep. The Harlem-raised rapper joined Bad Boy Records wayyyyyy back in 1998 and released his debut Child of the Ghetto in 2001. Ghetto Legend, his second album, hit on September 7, 2010 and not on Bad Boy. There’s a lot to be said about this dude, but one thing is for sure: he helped get Bad Boy back after Biggie died. And secondly, he gave Diddy a lift too, sacrificing his own career.

Remember the Harlem Shake – the real Harlem Shake. Who remembers “Special Delivery,” his hit song?

But here’s the thing: G-Dep killed somebody in the early 90’s. And he “got away with it.” Here’s the thing, he found out later that the person died from a robbery. The torture internally was too much to bear. For the longest, he delved deeper and deeper into drugs and addiction. And when he became a rap star, it only got more intense.

When the lights dimmed on his rap career, he turned to his inner consciousness to guide him. He turned himself in. That turned into one of the craziest thing to happen to the game: straight up unheard of. Anyway, after turning himself in for murder, he got a lenient sentence of 15 years. The person that put him behind bars is now reportedly helping him get out of jail. It is not done yet, but a pardon looks to be in effect.

They took a number of factors into account, most notably that he turned himself in. Even the family was confused at the time, because they had moved on with their lives NOT knowing who killed their loved one. He literally got away with it, but his soul could not bear the weight. Being that good of a person did not go unnoticed by prosecutors. Now, it is up to the governor to sign it off.

Keep G-Dep in your prayers!