G Herbo Says He’s Spent $1 Million On Lawyer Fees Due To Bad Indie Deal He Signed As A Teen

G Herbo

G Herbo apparently signed to the indie label when he was 16-years-old.

G Herbo appears to be parting ways with his longtime independent label Machine Entertainment Group and is reportedly spending nearly seven figures to navigate his way out of the deal.

According to the “Everything” rapper himself, representatives at Machine— a company co-founded by Joseph “JB” Bowden and Mikkey Halstead—have allegedly been skimming funds from his career earnings for years. In a nearly five-minute-long video shared via Instagram, Herbo addressed the entire situation, remarking on the past decade of his career in the process.

“I’ve been signed to Machine since I was 16-years-old—I was a minor my parents had to sign me up,” Herbo started off. “We been family, independently made history. Boom, at 16, first and foremost I signed my publishing away perpetually for $15,000. But he claim he ain’t know the business—but I was young anyway.”

While Herb went on to clarify that he and his team had previously worked out a deal to get his publishing back and debts reconciled while amending his contract, he says things started to unravel when he allowed Machine to run his business operations—including paying his taxes and bills and maintaining other overhead expenses for the Chicago rapper. Herbo claims he first became aware of the situation after rumors began swirling within his inner circle that he owed a ridiculous sum of money to his label Machine.

“Twelve years later, I been hearing rumors that I owe him money,” Herbo said in part. “Long story short, I go get up with him, ‘Aye bro what’s up with these numbers?,’ We look at the numbers, they wasn’t right.”

From that point on, Herbo claims he and his team held a meeting during which he expressed his desire to both exit and audit his partnership deal with Machine. Apparently, a handwritten contract was also tendered by Herbo. But now, Herb claims he’s been blocked by Machine officials and found out from his legal counsel they are apparently attempting to press charges on him amid the financial dispute.

In 2021, Herbo and Machine inked a massive partnership deal with Republic Records—so it makes sense that it’s going to take a while to navigate through the paperwork outlining the deal. However, Herbo has claimed he has already spent nearly one million dollars through this point of the legal struggle with Machine—which is seemingly just getting started.

Even though he’s seemingly reached his breaking point concerning his dancing doppelganger lookalike, G Herbo might want to attempt to use his likeness to weasel his way out of this situation.