G Herbo Left Behind A Trail Of Air Force 1s?

G Herbo

Follow the “White Brick Road” to find the Wizard of Chigago, aka G Herbo.

Apparently, there’s a new way to track rappers such as G Herbo‘s movements—and not it’s not on any weird, Apple airtag tracker planting type s### either. Still kind of suspect, though.

A TikTok creator who happens to be an AirBnB host is under the impression that G Herbo stayed at his property due to the graveyard of Air Force 1s left behind after a rental. And I know what you are thinking, there can’t be any way bro seriously thinks he can confirm G Herbo’s presence solely off of some Nikes that wouldn’t fit into a couple carry-on bags.

However, from the looks of the first 10 seconds of the video, there are upwards of 13 AF1s just chilling in the walk-in closet and bathroom and common areas. And the joints are like near mint or better, none of them look like they’ve ben worn more than three times. For all my sneakerheads out there, looks like the stars are still on the outsole so you know it’s real.

Not to mention the number of white tees, snap back and fitted hats left behind definitely screams “rapper tendencies” and is very on-brand with G Herbo’s normal drip. The Nike Tech suit also seems like a dead giveaway. And the crib is also nice, with a private pool and all that.

Peep the clip below.