The Game’s Manager Encourages Adrien Broner To Commit Suicide


Mannnnnn someone please come get The Game’s manager, Wack 100. The man has no chill and certainly doesn’t believe in coming together to squash beef. The man is insensitive to say the least.

Adrien Broner took to Instagram over the last few days to show his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. While many reached out offering their support in his comments, others taunted him.

Mental health is something that’s not addressed enough across the board but especially not in Hip Hop or entertainment.

Being that so many people are cruel, heartless, and insensitive in the world and on social media, many encouraged the boxer to kill himself. One of those chanting him on to do so was The Game’s manager Wack 100.

Wack felt that there are people who are going through way worse thngs than Broner and aren’t considering suicide. With this said, Wack says he should kill himself if he can’t see that it’s others worse off.

Wack also expressed that he’s concerned that if Broner will kill himself, he’ll kill others also, so he wants him to kill himself before harming others.

Cold world man. What are your thoughts?