Gang Wars! Taxstone Versus Wack 100! Fight Time!


Google: Wolf Tickets.

That’s all I can think about when I see grown men fighting over social media. I’m no fighter, but I know this. Anytime I wanted to fight somebody or somebody wanted to fight me, there was very little talking necessary.

How are these G’z and OG’z doing all this talking on social media? It just feels like hood theater to me! BUT WHO AM I? Nobody! The latest outbreak of talk comes from Taxstone and Wack 100, mostly known as The Game’s manager. Wack 100 is soon making a name for himself for his constant bickering with people on social media. Make no mistake about it, he’s as real as they come! That’s on APPLE! (All I got is my affiliation with Steve Jobs and Apple The Gang!)

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Taxstone, all I know is the got Troy Ave hit up or created a threatening environment that got Troy Ave to pop off a gun so reckless that he may have thrown his life away. The rest of it is talking that people seem to love! And I see why! He popped off crazy in his latest podcast!

If anybody touches Young MA in Chicago, any Chicago rapper or any of their New York associates are gonna undergo a series of unfortunate events”

“I don’t give a f#ck about that ni99a that died in Chicago” (Talking about Tookah)

“I don’t respect Chicago gang culture…”

“Wack 100… that old b##ch”

“Game congratulations not posting a nude on Instagram for months, I really think he was a stripper… Game Kardashian.”

Will they fight?