Gangsta Boo Accused Of Drug Use On Marriage Reality Show

Gangsta Boo

They are trying to say Gangsta Boo is on that meth coke after a white powered substance was allegedly found in her room. Watch the vid!


You know we love Gangsta Boo over here!

However, the queen of Memphis got herself in a little bit of drama recently. Her and her man were on Marriage Boot Camp and were unfortunately kicked off, because of the discovery of a white powdery substance.

Now, that could be a small amount of baby powder. Maybe it was salt in a baggie. Or, maybe as implied by the producers of the show, it was drugs. Anybody that knows Gangsta Boo and the Three 6 Mafia crew, pretty much knows that they used to indulge in some drug use. So right now they may not…or MAY. We don’t know!

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However, those that know Gangsta Boo, know that she has evolved in tremendous ways beyond the drug culture that once populated their souls. In fact, she has advised us fans on some pretty healthy options of living. In her expulsion from the show, Boo made it clear that she did not know what they were talking about. In a Twitter rant, she said that they were clearly looking to get a jump on the ratings and she left the door open for more reality TV.

However, I want to know what the deal is, because we need to get to the bottom of this situation. Based on the comments that I have seen, people believe that she is on that stuff. And they are saying that they hope she gets help for her problem! If there is a problem, I want her to get help. But what we are not going to do is assume that our Baby Boo is on drugs! Do you know how these reality shows do! Its all in the edit!

Take a look at this and you be the judge.

On IG, she said the following in a now deleted post:

You would think that someone like @drish would have a better choice of delivery, when he is trying to be all ‘professional’…Not sure if he just a TV ‘Dr’ when the cameras are on or in real life when they are off.”

This is #mentalhealthawareness month so if you care so much about ppl health, with SO much ‘concern and sincerity,’ why did YOU noticeably allow ppl to be on prescription meds while drinking alcohol in front of you?? Everything was on camera. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.”

On Twitter, she said more.

“Talk about staged and gaslight 😅 sheeesh

Not the soundbite sniff sniff while I walked into a open closet mic’d up with the door wide open chile lmao

Me and my homegirl DIED laughing..It was almost like watching a cartoon.

On god

The edits were SO trash.

I get it but, the fact that Ole boy can eyeball work like Gorilla Zoe and can tell what something is in a bag [they planted and staged] is beyond me chile haha. Not the meth 😅”

They set up Boo and Emmet!

What do you think?