Gangsta Boo Was Working On A Book & Album Before Dying

Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo had big plans for the future before she passed away. She had a book and an album for 2023.

I wonder what would happened if Gangsta Boo had lived. According to the streets, Lola Mitchell was working on her first book. I am not certain the nature of the book, but I would imagine it was a memoir or autobiography. She was a very interesting person with a very interesting story. She is not JUST the Three 6 Mafia as promoted. I know DJ Paul said he “created” her, but that’s a big no. I mean, they clearly put her on, but she brought herself to the table.

Anyway, this book would have been great.

 We also know that Boo was working on her Magnum Opus, The BooPrint. The album was supposed to be her “Blueprint.” I am pretty sure she would have totally reestablished herself in the current times. But she made it clear: this was her time. She did the song with GloRilla and was getting her respect in a major way.

In our last full interview, she said she was going to make this a classic.

Gangsta Boo:

BooPrint, that has to have the perfect layout. It just got to make sense. So, I don’t want to rush drop a project and name its The BooPrint. So, I just got to make sure that title is set in stone. And it’s the time it’s classic.”

Anyway, I wonder what the status of both projects is. I would love to get both so maybe they can make it a package deal.

Anyway, here is that interview: