This Generation Of Rappers Is Causing This Producer To Close Shop!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I hear you Shawty Redd; I hear you!

Apparently Shawty Redd is fed up with some of the new school, talentless and disrespectful new rappers. He is so fed up that he took to Instagram to let it be known that this generation is forcing him to make the decision to shut down his production company!

“I officially shut down my production company. I will not & can not affiliate myself with a generation that don’t know and don’t wanna know!” posted Shawty Redd.

A number of notable folks jumped in his comments encouraging him not to shut down his company.

Unless he has other business ventures that we don’t know about, he may want to keep working, but do so by not conforming and staying true to his sound and production [value].

Do you feel like today’s artists and producers lack creativity and skill? Do you feel that producers [always] have to switch up their sounds and styles to progress and stay relevant?

Unfortunately the kids now don’t know shhhh, they don’t want to know shhhhh, and they don’t gaf about anything that happened before them. Most don’t care about anything that’s of true quality either.

What would your advice to Shawty Redd be?

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