Gervonta “Tank” Davis Arrested For Domestic Violence – What About The Fight?

Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis has been arrested for the boxing the wrong person – a woman – in a domestic violence case that jeopardizes a Jan. 7 fight.

This ain’t a rumor.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis as been arrested for domestic violence. This ain’t a joke or a game. First of all, I hope that the woman is ok. We don’t need these types of cases floating around. Secondly, boxers – unlike the cops – are held to a higher standard since they beat people up for a living.

At the time of this writing Tank was still in jail – Broward County’s Main Jail Bureau in Fort Lauderdale to be specific. But he may be out since he had a hearing as of this morning. No bond was set at the time of this writing, but Tank rolls with Money Mayweather so he won’t be locked down for long. There’s big money on the line!

The 28-year old fighter is suppose to headline a Showtime PPV fight January 1 in Washington, D.C. This is the precursor to a megafight with his adversary Ryan Garcia. Davis (27-0, 25 KOs). They are going to make this right asap! Way too much Vegas money on the line here.

BUT…there’s a potential problem.

Davis has other cases. He has an alleged hit-and-run incident from November 2020. Witnesses say he bolted from an accident that included 3 people, one of which was pregnant. He he has 14 charges in that case. The alleged victims are suing in civil court and the say he was drunk. He also has domestic violence in his past, from 2020. But the cases were dismissed THIS MONTH. Maybe he needed a new one? I wonder how this will impact his future. We definitely want to see Tank fight, but we do not want it to be him fighting women. That’s wack.

So, this “tune up” fight with Hector Luis Garcia is now in jeopardy. His mugshot certainly looks serious – not good! TANK needs a new name. DOVE Davis has a nice ring to it.