Get Low: Ying Yang Twin Has Too Much Puffy Juice In Arkansas


(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently the Ying Yang Twins are still with the sh-ts! LOL.

Ying Yang Twins’ member Kaine has finally admitted to being drunk at their past Little Rock show over Memorial Day Weekend.

According to TMZ, he has a funny excuse, one I’m sure 50 Cent will get a kick out of!

Apparently Kaine is a tequila man, but someone switched out his alcohol-of-choice for some “Puffy Juice” aka Ciroc.

After a video of a “drunk” Kaine being helped off the stage surfaced, the rapper stated that his health condition makes him look like he’s already intoxicated even when he’s not, so he’s claiming that he looks worse in the video than he actually was. LOL. Issa mess!

Let’s take a moment to remember happier times!

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