Gillie Da Kid Believes You Can’t Be Bisexual, “You Have To Pick A Team”


Photo via Gillie Da Kid’s Facebook

Gilie Da Kid seems to not care what a persons sexual preference is, but he does say that you have to pick “one team” and play for it. He says,

“You can’t play for the Cincinatti Reds and the Phillies. Like you run around here 2 C### Shakur and then go home to your baby mama.”

Should people be able to be bisexual? Should they have to pick a side, or should they be able to do what they want as long as they are honest with everyone on both sides? What are your thoughts? It seems like this is a response to Yusaf Mack going from saying he was drugged, then he was bisexual, to admitting that he was gay after a gay p### video emerged of him having sex with two men. Let’s not forget, he was engaged to a woman, and he has 10 kids.