GloRilla Gets Water Thrown On Her And Spat At In Bay Club


GloRilla gets into a fracas in Oakland that results in water throwing and spitting. Take a look at the video.

I don’t know if you know like I know, but GloRilla just performed at The Grammys during the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop celebration. I also know she went to Gangsta Boo’s funeral. Lastly, I know she had a couple hit records, one of which is with Cardi B. What I am saying is she has a good thing going on.

Apparently, she made some sort of club appearance in The Bay and it didn’t end well. In a viral video, she appears to be leaving a club and gets into it with a woman. The woman throws water at the rap star, who seems to be astonished at the behavior. Then, GloRilla’s homie returns fire with some water of her own. Then the patron proceeds to hock a loogie (spit) at the rapper. At this point, it spirals out of control!

What went wrong? I don’t know for sure, but the streets are talking. Some people say that people at the club did not read the fine print. It looks like GloRilla was there to do a walk-through, but folks wanted her to perform. The caption says something else: that she was supposed to perform after being paid $30k. Luckily, Glo was never in any danger through it all, thanks to her wall of security.

There’s generally one reason this happens; she wasn’t paid in full. It happens all the time. They give the artist the deposit or half up front an the other half is supposed to be paid when they arrive. Oftentimes, the promoter comes up with the rest via ticket sales. If they cannot muster the money, the artist is faced with a hard decision: perform or not. Looks like Glo decided not. The fans lose.