Gucci Mane Makes Light Of The Murder Of Jeezy’s Man

Some things never change and Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s beef is still with us.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I thought Ja Rule and 50 Cent were bad, but Jeezy and Gucci are a close 2nd. And Gucci made that super clear by posting a meme that explicitly talks about that time he killed one of Jeezy’s men in self-defense. 

For those that don’t remember, these dudes had a serious beef. At one point, after going back and forth, Jeezy issued a challenge to his listeners through a song “Stay Strapped.” The song was a classic, but people took it seriously. Jeezy told people to snatch Gucci’s chain and he would slide them $10 Gs. Men ran up in Gucci’s crib, but LaFlare had the strap. A man was found dead in a ditch, if memory served me correct. Gucci went to jail but beat the case. This was 15 years ago!!

In the year 2020, he posted the following.

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A few days ago, he said he hoped his haters die of coronavirus. I can’t see this is the refined, svelt Gucci we have come to know. This is like the old Gucci. Maybe he’s trying to remind us that he’s not a clone.