Guess What Famous Baby Mama Was Called Out About Hypocritical Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher Comments?


Photo via Kim Porter’s Instagram

Everyone has had something to say about the recent incident of Matt Barnes driving 95 miles to assault Derek Fisher, but it seems like everyone shouldn’t have an opinion, or some definitely shouldn’t express it. Fans recently roasted one of Diddy’s baby mamas, Kim Porter, as she offered her opinion on the situation. She basically said you shouldn’t sleep with a close friend or associate’s ex. Fans wasted no time in the comments “reminding” Kim that she was Diddy’s first baby mama Misa Hylton’s friend, and she was allegedly sleeping on Puff & Misa’s couch when her an Al B. Sure! broke up. To take it a step further they “reminded” Kim that Diddy and Al B. Sure! were very close and worked on music together. Well if all of this is the case, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle……..