Guess What Jay Z Has In Store For His Tidal Concerts!

A Massive Reunion?

As you know, Jay Z is pushing TIDAL to the masses in a crazy way. The mogul rapper is setting up a pair of concerts that will highlight his b-sides, aka his lesser know hits. This is dope actually but I am hearing that Jigga Man (Remember that name?) has a trick up his expensive sleeve! I heard that Beanie Sigel and some of the Philly crew are going to make an appearance at the weekend shows! Whoo Whoo! You know, Beanie got shot and was in really bad shape for a minute there! It would be really ill to see Jay and Beans back in affect. I know collabs with Drake and Rick Ross are cool, but Beanies is A1 from Day 1! Ha!

I’m sure there is more but that’s all for now.