Guess Which Rapper Has Been Followed By The Secret Service Thanks To Malia Obama?


The Secret Service will certainly go pretty far to keep the first family safe.

In interesting news, according to the NYPost, rapper Joey Badass became a person of interest by the Secret Service after Malia Obama wore a Pro Era T-shirt.

Apparently a mutual friend of Malia and the collective leaked the picture causing the president’s team to zoom in on him.

Joey says after the photo leaked his phones were tapped and a tree outside of his yard was mysteriously cut down.

He even joked that the Secret Service must’ve needed to be able to get clearer photos of him.

Well, Badass doesn’t seemed to be too worried about the extra surveillance as he says he’s only doing positive things and focusing on his music and acting.

We’re sure the Malia endorsement didn’t hurt too much either, but it has to be weird to be investigated around the clock.