Guess Who’s BiZACK? And Then Some More!

Beanie Sigel - State Property

The State Prop crew is coming back!

Guess who’s back? The group that held Jay-Z down for many years is making a grand return to the spotlight. Just as the pandemic rages on, but society opens up, State Property is returning to us. Now, I’m going to do a Hip-Hop 101 for dummies right now and explain who State Property is. State Property was a collective of MC’s out of Philly, headed by Beanie Sigel. The Broad Street Bully convened a collective of his boys, and others that were poppin’ in the city of Philly during the height of the Rocafella Records reign. They were so important, because they actually defended Jay-Z from numerous rap beefs, shielding the Roc CEO from harm. But, they were also extremely dope.

And really still are extremely talented. Now, clearly some changes have happened over the years. Beans has had numerous incidents including shootings and fights. Freeway has had multiple health challenges and even personal issues with death in the family. And then, the crew has had internal squabbles for a very long time. But it seems like they have put all of that to the side and come back together in the interest of doing music. And, let me tell you guys: I am here for it! I love these guys!

So, what does this all mean? Look at this interview with Kal Dawson, the former manager of Black Rob, and you be the decider of what does this mean. No time stamps since the whole interview is dope. It talks about the last days of Black Rob.

On top of State Property reuniting, Dawson says they are planning to do another State Property movie as well! REMEMBER THIS?

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I am not sure all of what they plan to accomplish with the movie, but I think they need to bring us up-to-date on the crew and maybe intro some young Philly dudes. At any rate, this is amazing and I know I am not the only one. We need more legitimate crews in Hip-Hop because this solo stuff is. bit boring. It reeks of Americanism!