Gunna Raps About Young Thug And YSL Rumors!

Young Thug Gunna

Gunna has made his first statement about the YSL debacle in a snippet of a new song.

This is about to get really deep and interesting. Gunna how’s the new song that has leaked, partially at least. And then the song he has begun to sing about his feelings on YSL. Specifically, he talks about the rumor surrounding him, leaving the organization, that young thug built. Obviously, most people know by now that Young Thug is incarcerated and looking at a tough trial for running an alleged criminal enterprise, disguised as a record label.

A number of people have been arrested and are actually acting as snitches in the case. Gunna has not been implicated as one of those that is directly testifying against Young Thug. He has made statements that sing to implicate his former buddy in criminal activity. Anyway, the real question is, “How will the fans and industry respond to him rapping about his new reality now?” He does not have Thugger as a protector anymore and a lot of people like Durk and Meek Mill have stopped following him.

And the fans: how are they looking at him? I know he has lost a lot of core fans, but what about those that are no so concerned about the code of the streets? I would venture to say that the suburbs may continue to support Gunna. Look at Tekashi 69? That dude has not lost a chain yet! I don’t think all his money is from Wish, you feel me?

“Heard the rumors said I’m packing up and flying out/We ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out/I meant like f**k it/Let’s just give these n***as dark clouds/Been gone for months And I just keep seeing these dark clouds.”

– Gunna

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