Gunna Sports A New Look

Young Thug Gunna

Gunna is out and free, looking like a brand new person. Also, 69 explains why he hurt Thugger’s defense.

Gunna is out out. And, boy is this ugly! I cannot believe Gunna is out and about living his best life in the free world! Shout out to HIM and the other the caught plea deals. Some of these guys may be called to testify and others will not. Are they snitches? I don’t think they can totally be that unless they testify and aid in convicting Young Thug. Thugger is going to trial. They ain’t.

When you see this, it will certainly shock you, but Gunna wasn’t doing any drugs, he was stressed out and he wasn’t able to get at the amenities of fresh. Now that he is out and about, he’s looking quite different. What’s funny is when people start talking about snitches, you always think of scenes like “The Godfather” or some movie where the snitch gets his in the end. The most I have seen Gunna do is inform that YSL was a “gang” and not a record label like advertised. That, to me, is a clear distinction and harmful to the cause of Thug’s freedom.

In the clip below, you see Gunna doing his thing. A few dudes around him, but nothing major. they could be going shopping or going to a probation officer.

The crazy thing is, Tekashi 69 agrees on the idea that Gunna hurt Thug.

69 said, “Put it like this: A month previous, [if] we take it a month back, the whole internet was saying YSL was not a gang. It’s not a gang. Young Thug’s lawyer went in court and said ‘this is a music label,’ right?’” When it was all said and done, the plea countered that. He said it was a gang and it was committing crimes.

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