HAHA! Stitches Challenges The Game In Boxing Match

Some Serious BS Here!

There is a boxing promoter that goes around getting rappers beefing and attempts to get them in the ring under the guise of “celebrity boxing.”

The Game has been targeted many times as he was when he was beefing heavy with 40 Glocc. That never happened even through they seemingly had millions on the line and a bunch of other stuff. The Game wasn’t with it even though he had already beating on 40 Glocc.

Well, the boxing promotor dude Damien has gotten at Stitches and gotten him to act like he wants to get The Game in the ring. Damien knows The Game isn’t going to do it, because he has tried and failed many times. But, in this social media era of wolf tickets, anything goes.

Stitches said “Accept it. No excuses. After this the problem is dead . Let’s give your fans and my fans something interesting to wAtch” to his adversary.


Damien said:


Stitches didn’t get sucker-punched though. He approached Wack 100 with his hands up and was KO’d. They know they won’t get this fight no matter the posturing.

What is up with that dude using the N-Word? He’s gonna get beatdown again. Why? Wack 100 ANSWERED THE CHALLENGE!


Stitches like: