Haitians Call Beyonce’s Trip A Photo Op


Photo by J. Countess FilmMagic Getty Images

The American Embassy in Haiti wanted to show Beyoncé some of the progress made since the 2010 earthquake. So the Embassy turned to Facebook to ask for advice from the 119,000 people who have “liked” its page. Many took the occasion to post skepticism with the parade of such celebrity visits and frustration with the slow pace of rebuilding in Haiti, reflecting the strong sentiment there that things could be a lot better five years later. “Just another celebrity photo opportunity,” griped one user, La’Keba Garcia. Another user said, “Beyoncé should go, nowhere, because there’s no progress.” People are wanting to know what Beyonce and Valerie Amos’ itinerary consisted of since they are having a hard time accepting the small amount of progress that has been made since the earthquake that took 300,000 lives and left millions without homes.