Has Marvel Found Miles Morales For Their Spider-man Universe?

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man has yet to unveil a live action Miles Morales. But we may just be seeing him soon!

Remember the hit movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”? That movie was great! I loved it! But there was one thing that did not happen – we didn’t get to see Miles Morales. I hope this is not a spoiler for you, but you should have gone to see it that first week like everybody else! I won’t say more, but I will say I expected to see Miles! Now, if you are into the comics, you know that Miles Morales in a version of Spiderman that is an Afro Latino kid from New York. This all manifested in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” a 2018 animated film. It was the best Spiderman movie. “Spider-man: No Way Home” may have topped that. Anyway! This is the rumor!

Miles Brown is the kid from Black-ish, the hit TV show! And he’s growing up nicely! He is also looking a LOT like Miles Morales, who is a high school student. Also, he took pics with all the stars from the latest Spider-Man film! He was walking the carpet like he was in the MCU! Something tells me, they may have something up their sleeves.

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More than that, Miles Brown has expressed his resolute interest in the role. (2021)

And here he is in 2019 talking about it.

I think we have our Miles!!

What do you think?

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