Have Zombies Made Times Square, New York Into “The Walking Dead”?

The Walking Dead

Has New York turned into The Walking Dead?

New York, New York – Big City Of…Zombies?

A recent report from the New York Post, a conservative gossip rag with a penchant for flip-flopping, rings the alarm once again. They are saying that mid-town Manhattan is now looking more like “The Walking Dead” than one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. They are saying that drug dealers are basically operating in an open market like “The Wire,” when they gave the dealers a full pass in a section of Baltimore. But, this is Times Square. They are claiming that the area that has Madison Square Garden, countless shops and corporations also houses zombie-like drug addicts. Really? Where are all those coppers?

Here is what they are saying over there:

City of the Walking Dead:’ Junkies shoot up in broad daylight in Midtown NYC

Drug dealers appear to operate fearlessly on the block. A group of men, one of them sitting on a blue Citibike, gathered outside the A-C-E subway entrance on the northeast corner of Eighth and 35th, exchanging cash and other items as straphangers raced by them up and down the stairs.

Another deal went down as two men exchanged cash and small plastic bags on 36th Street.  

The NYPD appears to have only a token presence. Two cops stood on Eighth Avenue between 35th and 36th, leaning up against a police van while staring into their phones, as illicit activities swirled around them.

But cops have been “effectively ordered” by city and state leaders to let junkies roam free, said Manny Gomez, a former NYPD sergeant and FBI special agent who now heads MG Security Services.

New York Post

I wonder why would this be the case when it is a clear and present threat to tourism and general public safety? The Gomez dude said cops – who are of the “protect & serve” variety “could lose their pension, their job, their home or even their freedom. It’s just not worth it.” Realllllllllllly? They are COPS. They are truly disrespecting the badge if this is the case. However, remember what I said. The Post is essentially a tool of propaghanda and those that I know do not claim it to be this bad. Yes, its worse…we are in a pandemic where millions have been adversely affected by Covid-19 and beyond. I think they are INTENTIONALLY looking past things like the disease of “addiction,” mental health and poverty, which are the true culprits here. For cops to essentially NOT WORK, combined with this alarmist headline is a dog whistle to the base….MORE. More money, more cops, more freedom to do whatever.

And IF you read the article further down – just as I expected – there is an attack on Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration inside of it.

Anyway…what do you think?