Here’s Why Cassie’s Husband Probably Clapped At Diddy


Diddy’s album is regarded as an instant R&B classic, but are some of the songs directed at a certain ex-flame? Read the rumor by illseed!

Under a video where the mogul Diddy discussed returning publishing rights to his former artists, Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine, casually called out her ex-boyfriend. Fine didn’t hold back, stating, “He’s so old and out of touch,” while using a rainbow flag and an elderly man emoji. This is not the first time he’s done this. Cassie and Diddy had a decade-long relationship that ended in 2018, AND THEN she found love with her current bae in 2019.

Diddy was explaining what is generally regarded as a good deed, reclaiming (or “giving back”) the publishing rights of writers and artists he had collaborated with. “Two years ago, I reassigned [the publishing], and then the lawyers had to work everything out,” he clarified. “It’s not a straightforward process. It’s called reassignment — I didn’t simply hand it over.”

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But, there is a bit of a twist here. But, before that, here is the rumor! I know why you are here, people. A source with me tells me that Diddy has a song called “Homecoming” and it is rumored to be directed towards Cassie.

Here are some of the lyrics:

[Intro: Jozzy & Diddy]

“Baby, won’t you come on home, come on home

Baby, won’t you come on home, come on home

Baby, won’t you come on home, come on home

(I tried to get you out of my head)

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, come on home, come on home

Home (I tried to get you out of my soul)

Home, home (Seasick)

Let me talk you

[Verse 1: Jozzy & Diddy]

Sweet little bird

Did you get you a chance to touch Heaven?

Ooh, yeah

Oh, have you hit your peak? (Oh, hit your peak)

Met someone that you never regrettin’, oh

Oh, yeah (Oh, yeah)

(I miss you)

I needin’ you in my happiness (Happiness)

You waited for all those years (All those years)

Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh (I miss you)

And since (And since)

We could never (Never), find another to take each other’s place

Let’s keep it right here

[Pre-Chorus: Jozzy & Diddy]

If he’s not good to you (Not good to you)

Then I know, know a place you could run to (Come on)

If he’s not good to you

Then I know, know a place you could run to (Come on)

Girl, that’s right into my arms”


It could be a general lyric or it could NOT be a general lyric. It sure sounds like he is talking to somebody.

I wonder what sort of NDA (non-disclosure agreement) Cassie is under. She never says anything, but her man is jumping up periodically to call Diddy “fruity” every so often. By the way, that is a no-no! Has Cassie been engaged in a bit of pillowtalk? Hmmm.

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day recently said that Diddy had been pressuring past Bad Boy artists to sign non-disclosure agreements in exchange for music rights. Cassie may have done that before them all as a member of his tribe. I knew about this NDA situation before, but as it related to a rapper that was once signed to the lable. At that time, I opted not to say anything.

At any rate, this is great “stuff” for the rumors.