Here’s Why Future Has Gone Ghost On Instagram—NO, It’s Not Due To New Music


Future really never liked us biting his style.

Future is in a whole different mode right now—but whatever mode that is, it doesn’t appear to be facing the direction of a new album.

In fact, the I NEVER LIKED YOU lyricist appears to be deep in his fashion icon bag and doing any and everything in his power to protect his energy whilst stylistically evolving. For starters, one of the ways Future is maintaining his status as the “Drip God” is by actually switching up his wardrobe at a feverish rate. How fast might one ask? He claims he’s changing outfits multiple times per day.

“This my fourth time changing clothes,” Future said in a video shared to his Instagram account. “I gotta change this s###—I got so much of this s### I gotta change five or six times a day.”

And apparently, another one of Future’s tactics at preserving the intensity of his looks is by completely omitting them from his Instagram page all together these days. Why? Simply because he’s tired of folks mocking swag.

“I ain’t been posting fits on my Gram because I don’t want y’all to know what I’m wearing because y’all gonna steal my style,” he said.

When you really think about it, this type of dedication to up-keeping the drippiest lifestyle in the rap game is actually somewhat commendable. It also makes me think Future could have another three-consecutive No. 1 album if he wanted to—and or was as focused on the music as he is the drip.

Anyways, it looks like it’s quiet for both new music from Future and style inspo from HNDRXX for the time being.

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