Hip-Hop Rumor: ‘Bad Girl’ Milyn Jensen Suing Oxygen?

Milyn Jensen is allegedly suing Oxygen because…

The name Milyn Jensen probably only rings a bell if you’re a Belieber or a Bad Girls Club fan. Jensen made a name for herself as Justin Bieber’s jump off and alleges that she’s the one who caused his break up with Selena Gomez. Eventually she popped up on Bad Girls Club Season 11 (back to Miami) but didn’t make it to the end because of a vicious fight.

Apparently, she’s salty about getting booted from the show because not only did she not show up for the taping of the BGC11 reunion, which has two more parts to air, but word on the reality TV streets is that she’s suing Oxygen. There’s no word on what she could possibly be attempting to sue for, because it doesn’t look like she really has a case if this is true but the attention w#### disease is real.