Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent and Rick Ross’ OTHER Baby Mom? A Chain Snatching? Illseed Says Sorry!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS YO…this is the problem with Hip-Hop. Not enough fans. Too many rappers and definitely too many RAPPERS. A movement once said “Power […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



YO…this is the problem with Hip-Hop. Not enough fans. Too many rappers and definitely too many RAPPERS. A movement once said “Power to the people,” but I don’t know if the leaders at the time had this in mind.

Somebody asked me if I worked for Slaughterhouse. Uhm…NO, but it sounds like a good job. See, I’m a fan of that group and the individual members. I’m an unashamed FAN. I’m a fan of a lot of artists out there so, cut out all your stupid comments about ME being on somebody’s “jock.” The fact is, you’re just a crappy fan!ILLSEED APOLOGIZES…I don’t say sorry MUCH, but this is one instance  where I have to say sorry.  BUT, I want to apologize to Keshia Chante, the singer and actor.  I’m not sure exactly what happened that night that Chris and Rihanna had their alleged fight. My sources put both  Tina  Davis and Keshia Chante in significant contact with Chris Brown that night through texts and cell phone. The  only  thing is, my sources leaned heavily towards Keshia being the super sex texter, not Tina Davis. With the recent revelations of the culprit more-than-likely being the  39-year-old manager Tina Davis being the “suspect,” I am going to say I was off by a hair. SORRY, KESHIA…whenever you need a “good look” from me, let me know.Now, off to the real deal!


If you are a fan of Chris Brown, you gotta read yesterday’s rumors! They are talking about how the Rihanna and Chris Brown fight actually started over a “sex text” from his manager/alleged LOVER Tina Davis! You have to read this mess…CLICK HERE.



50 CENT…According to Miss Info, 50 Cent is about to get crazy with it. He allegedly now has the other baby moms of Rick Ross. SMH. Check out the audio madness. He’s got something of the other baby moms, Brook. If you don’t remember, Brook is allegedly a call girl (a nice word for prostitute.) Man! What is the world is going on. I might as well reintegrate what I heard.


Now, if you read illseed.com, you would have gotten this a few days ago (click here for the original post). I have to admit, I’m not sure I believe my own rumor. LOL! Miss Info and 50 are so chummy, I figured he’d pass an exclusive to her. Check it:

(Illseed.com Rumors) Is there a such thing as exclusive rumors? If there is, this is a doozie. One of my homeys gave me a doozie and let me know what 50 Cent might be up to to get at Rick Ross.

He told me that 50 Cent is planning to “expose” Rick Ross in ways that nobody imagined. How? My rumors charge that 50 Cent has now gotten jailed prisoners to go on record admitting and revealing that Rick Ross was their correctional officer.

The rumor is, 50 Cent has gotten in touch with exactly 34 inmates that have been “paid” for their time. They have reportedly been paid in commissary.

Now, I am not sure if this is regarded as snitching, since it has been verified over and over that Ross was a correctional officer. But, this is what is rumored to be going down.

Also, 50 Cent is supposedly about to take his “Pimpin’ Curly” character to the big screen. That’s right. I am getting word that 50 Cent is working with none other than Michael Bay, the director of “Transformers.”

It is pretty easy to tell that 50 Cent is going to be taking his acting career into new directions. And, he can thank Rick Ross and Pimpin’ Ken for inspiring him to make such a move.


There is this crazy story on AHH that you want to read unless you are a phony fan that claims you keep it real. Was there a Hip-Hop before it was “invented” in the Bronx? Read the story right here and read a very interesting response below. It is a very intriguing story to say the least.

Before the Bronx? There was no before the Bronx. I find it distasteful that these Queens Cats would try to s**t on us like that.

And by no means am I trying to say that we didn’t know who Infiniti Machine, Grand Master Flowers or The Disco Twins were cause we knew. We also knew they didn’t play Hi-Hop. They were Disc Jockeys who played Disco and R+B. They didn’t play Breaks, Kool Herc did that.

If Memory serves me wasn’t y’all doin the Freak when we was B.Boyin?

Flash learned to mix from Pete Jones but Pete didn’t play Hip Hop. He was a grown man, he frowned on that at first. Nobody cut records back and forth like Flash. Y’all need to stop! They had they own s**t too. They did not use disco twins You obviously never heard of The Hurculoid or The Gladiator or Sasquatch. You would hear these systems for blocks! If they needed extra s**t they got it from Ritchie T the owner of T.Connection in the Bronx, not the Disco Twins.

Just say you might of invented Disco or The Freak dance, we’ll give you that. But good old Hip-Hop was born in The Bronx Homie. I was there!

But good luck wit that.

Roosevelt Dynamite Simmons


I heard that the death of his song has really interrupted Dr. Dre’s work on Detox. Obviously, we know we have been waiting a very long time for the album, but I heard that his son’s untimely death really messed Doc up. Honestly, that’s a shame. For a parent to bury the child is not natural at all. Anyway, I think Eminem said that he helped Dre get back to work. I guess we’ll see something when Dre’s ready.


They flashed it so fast, I don’t know if its true or not. I know this, these men are claiming to have snatched Rick Ross’ chain and have what appears to be the Rick Ross head chain we see so often.

I don’t know…it looks different.I don’t know if you know, but Rick was right in NYC and he shot a video. My homeys  were there and they told me he had his chain. They shot this footage of it. Looks very 100  to me.


There is another fake Lil Wayne dude running around! There is a guy named Walt out of Philly that is reportedly jerking people that want to see Lil Wayne. This guy is actually booking Wayne shows and faxing and emailing contracts, riders, and guaranteed performances from Wayne. He allegedly gets the promoters to send half the money up front and the other half the day of the fake show. The Feds are already on to this guy from what I hear and he will be getting indicted. I am proud to say there are a few fake illseed’s running around. I let them live though.


Just Blaze and Saigon need to get on the same page. Just said that Sai wasn’t going to Amalgam Digital, but Saigon just released the following statement:

“This album, “All In A Day’s Work” is a bonafide Hip Hop classic created from beginning to end in twenty four hours. It is a definitely a spark in the right direction for the resurgence of East Coast Hip Hop. I teamed up with producer Statik Selektah and Amalgam Digital and we came together to present the world with the best album of the year 2009, aside from my debut of course, “The Greatest Story Never Told” which will soon follow…”

A full CD in 24 hours?!

Joe Budden talks about leaving Amalgam and congratulating Saigon on his deal. Joe Budden sent him a text message saying, “Congratulations” and, according to Budden, Saigon replied, “You starting your s**t again.”


You have to listen to this one. He goes hard at Ross and says that Ross used to ghostwrite for Trina. Dayum!


We discussed this yesterday, but here you go: the video.


I just HAD to give my respect to the family of Esme Kenney, the 13 year old that was killed. The family requested that the AllHipHop family send out a prayer for her. Please do so. Shout out to Ms. B.

Prodigy had some slick stuff to say about Crooked I and now, I heard Crooked I wants to beat P up. That man has sickle cell. No Bueno.

Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform in Salt Lake on march 31st with Keri Hilson and T –Pain…Wayne cancelled, I heard. Fans are not pleased. This is apparently the second cancellation.

I guess there was a rumor that B.O.B. was retiring? I never heard that. But I did hear that B.O.B. was in the studio with Eminem! Not bad for a retiree.

According to rumors, Chris Brown and Rihanna are both terribly scared that their careers are in jeopardy. Right now, they are reportedly doing AS THEY ARE TOLD. And that all the lil’ leaks and stuff are carefully planned.

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly looking to get her sexy image back…she’s tired of being a wife.

Rapper Kanye West is supposedly going to perform on ‘American Idol’ TONIGHT… I really want to see what Simon has to say. Just let me see his face with all that autotune going on!

Rick Ross was supposed to go on Angie Martinez, but didn’t because of the C.O. topic. They weren’t going to entertain those questions.


Donald Trump weighs in on the RiRi / Chris Brown mess.

“She better get the hell out. If she goes back, she’s a loser and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”

Britney Spears is off the hook. She had a wardrobe malfunction and said the following:

“My p***y was hanging out!”

The Dream talks about Christina Milian’s activities as a serious artist…and not f’n for tracks.

“To clear this up, ‘Oh, she f**kin’ for tracks’ and this s###, I be like these muthaf**kas must be stupid. It’s a recession ain’t nobody got to f**k for tracks. We basically giving them away. There’s a clearance! When I started to really want to build my label, I went looking for her. I was like, where is she at? I need that person over here. She’s talented and she’s a good person.”


We know money is tight for everybody, but people are truly losing their minds. A 29-year-old grandson was reportedly mad that his grandmother wouldn’t give him money to buy a pack of cigarettes. Normally, you might get tight and stomp off to your room. Not Tyron Markit Mason! This man allegedly set his 85-year-old grandmother in the aftermath of an argument. This crackpot reportedly doused her body with alcohol and then set her on fire. His poor granny, Ethel Henderson, ran from the house they shared as flames burned her head, face and upper body. A former firefighter saw her and extinguished the flames with his coat. He’s being treated and he’s being charged with attempted first-degree murder.


I found the Epic Win of the Day over at Slang Rap and it is this crazy sticker that simply says “FAIL” on it. The clear background makes it meld right onto what ever you stick it on. I love it. Hell, stick on on me!


I know that everybody is a hipster or a super gangta murder crack dealer, but…check out my dude Krumbsnatcher. This s**t knocks!


I’m trying Keri…there’s no “click” like I had with Kelly Rowland. Meagan…looking…very good.


Caption these!

Beyonce got a donkey more than I ever thought, based on these pics.

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