Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent’s Pimpin Curly Returns

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! 50 CENT SHOWS HIS ACTING RANGE! 50 Cent is something else! Now, as far as I can see, this has nothing to do with Rick Ross […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



50 Cent is something else! Now, as far as I can see, this has nothing to do with Rick Ross and everything to do with 50 Cent displaying his acting range on the internet. LOL!

I just don’t know what to make of this. I guess when you are worth like a half-a-billi, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Is this New York? I know it is freezing cold in New York right now. Right?

Check out “50 Cent Presents Pimpin’ Curly “The Fast Lane” Episode #3″…


FIRST, ILLSEED WISHES RIHANNA A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988! What a way to celebrate your 21st birthday with such utter BULLS**T! I hope she is doing better than that picture. So, happy B-day….on to the other side.

What is Chris Brown thinking right NOW. I mean, we all wonder what he was thinking on that fateful night in question where he was arrested for allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend Rihanna. What was he thinking last night as his alleged handy work was displayed on TMZ.com, AllHipHop.com, illseed.com and a bunch of other sites? I know a couple celebrities said he was “cool,” but I would have to see this temperament for myself! Anyway, I say all that to say THIS: it’s going down. Starting now…


As I stated earlier in the week, Keshia Chante has denied that she had anything to do with this fracas. The direct quote was “She was nowhere near Rihanna or Chris Brown. She had nothing to do with any of that.” Also, they maintain that she barely knows Chris. I have told you what I have told you from sources that maintain they are close to the matter. So, here is the latest on what illseed.com presents. I have sources that have information and here is what I have been told.

If you use any of my infomation, I appreciate the use of credit to illseed of AllHipHop.com or illseed.com.Here is a summation of what I have as Rihanna’s alleged phone activity.

This is all from about 11:30 pm to 1:00 am.

A lot of the numbers were repetitive and were used with texting and incoming/outgoing phone calls

Rihanna’s account made an outgoing call to a Melissa Forde (in doing research, I found this to be her assistant and friend), which was made around 12:15am. This was the first call outgoing call and answered incoming call that Rihanna made that evening.

Then around 12:40am short outgoing calls were made to a company called Rebel One Management (Rihanna’s managers) According to our source, these outgoing calls lasted between 8 seconds to 15 seconds each. Voice mail?

The next outgoing call was instantly made after the Rebel One Management company call to another person named Marc Jordan.

My source says the call to Marc Jordan lasted fairly long – about 18 minutes.

After that another outgoing call was made to Melissa Forde – about 7 minutes.

During this time, a lot of other calls came in – some answered, some not. Most of those calls were by Marc Jordan and a Christa Shaub, the owner of Rebel One. They all were short – no more than 2 minutes each.

The last outgoing call allegedly on Rihanna’s file was made to a “246” area code (Barbados), to a “Fenty”

Here is a summation of what I have of Chris Brown’s alleged phone activity.

On Chris’s file numerous outgoing & incoming text messages to and from the same number were made from as far as 7 pm Feb 7th to 12:10 am Feb 8th.

An outgoing call was (allegedly) made to Keshia Chante Harper (exactly how it was listed) at around 12:01am, which last around 8 minutes

Another incoming call to Keshia Chante Harper was made at 12:10 am, which last around 4 minutes.

Around 12:40am a call was made to a Tina Davis (current manager and former Def Jam A&R), this call last about 10 minutes.

After this, another outgoing call back to Keshia Chante Harper was made and this call lasted 8 minutes.

During the call with Keshia Chante Harper, an incoming call came in. That call, which was answered, came from a Joyce Hawkins (Chris Brown’s mother). This call lasted one minute.

At around 1 am or so, Chris reportedly received a few incoming calls from Rihanna, none of which were answered.

For the rest of the evening, the rest of the outgoing between Chris Brown and a Tina Davis.

According to the source, a few private or unknown calls were incoming to Chris’s phone but none of them were answered.


Pee Wee gets around and I heard that he’s a real cool dude. I heard he runs with all them dudes from Atlanta and he knew TI wayyy before his TV Show. But, on the real side of life, I heard Pee Wee’s been through a lot so the guys take him in and show him some things. Maybe that is why he has already been in a couple of T.I.’s videos. I also head he has some affiliation with Floyd Mayweather, but I don’t know what that is. I didn’t verify this, but I heard Pee Wee is also in Tip’s “Front Back” video ft UGK. Right after Pimp’s verse Pee Wee gets camera time.


Diddy…shame on you! Give that man is love back! LOL


A thought: how crazy is it that we boycott the NY post for calling Obama a monkey but nothing when Rick Ross calls 50 Cent one?

MF Doom is looking like he’s going to have another album. We’ll see. I just hope is him on the mic and not his fat alter ego.

Some dudes that claim they robbed OJ Da Juice Man say they are going to be doing a video to explain the whole thing. In the works of the cops, “You have the right against self-incrimination.”

There is a bad rumor that Z-Ro was gunned down at a local H-Town club the other night night. I know this is a bad rumor.

Rumor has it, people are plotting a massive boycott of myspace to strike back at Rupert Murdock’s NY Post’s racists and disgusting cartoon about Obama.

According to In Touch, Usher learned about the surgery the same day the media and the blogs did! He didn’t know she was going to get lipo!

Tameka went to Brazil to have lipo than ATL to avoid attention. Now that backfired.

Shout out to my homey Ky for holding me down!

On that show “For the Love of Ray-J” the girl name Stilts that was kicked off this Monday because she was married was or is in to p###. From what I understand, Her p### name is “Giana Taylor” and she allegedly stars and directs the flicks!

The media is saying that Rihanna has seen a sudden spike in sales and Chris Brown’s has flatlined.

I love how people think that NEW Rhianna image is possibly photoshopped and the photoshopped one is real.

Also, LA Boxing president Anthony Geisler. has challenged Chris Brown to a fight in a Facebook group called, “I Want To Fight Chris Brown.”

Underground rapper Reef Tha Lost Cauz has dissed The Roots! I thought it was the City of Brotherly Love!

Lil Wayne has pushed back the release date of his rock album from April 7 to May 19. Wonder why?

Nelly is getting a talk show called “Nelly’s Night in Vegas.” I have to say this – Wonder why?


David Banner gets down to business for Black History month:

“African-Americans don’t love themselves. Black people have accepted what the media have portrayed them to be. We have to work to repaint the picture of black folks.”

Banner also had some interesting things to say about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation:

“Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet.” I have to ask the brother…what would she have to do to warrant that beating?


A man strangled his wife to death after she called out the name of another man during sex. The man, Colin Scully, 53, denies he did it, but they are countering fast. He stands accused of murdering his wife Tracy, 39, April 11 of last year. Tracy apparently was thinking of “Paul,” because that’s who she called out in the head of the moment. They said Scully went stark raving mad! He strangled her and then went to sleep in their kid’s bedroom. Now that’s a slick move, eh? Scully only has one good hand, because his left hand was withered from polio. His wife had multiple sclerosis! He’ll be using that hand for something else in jail.


This woman got shot in the HEAD and her WEAVE stopped the bullet. TRUE STORY. The win goes to her and her weave and the FAIL goes to the dude that shot her. SMH…weak a** gun! Men strangling woman, beating em and tryin’ push wigs back! Y’all crazy!


I’m trying to steer clear of the stupid stuff from Chris and Rihanna, but here is another one. LOL…people are just way out! And that’s fine with me!


“I always wear undies, never been carried out of the club drunk, I won’t even pose for King (men’s magazine) or any ‘eye candy’ type shoots and now look… My s**t on display for all the world to see… ,im wearing turtlenecks for the rest of the year gosh d#####.”


I don’t know if you can ever mess with the original! So, why is Martin Lawrence trying to remake Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” over 20 years since it came out? His version is reportedly going to be called “Coming to Africa.” We’ll see!


Suge doesn’t look too bad, right?

Click here to see illseed and Jay-Z’s wife, baby! That’s right!


All I an say is Chris Brown has some serious explaining to do. DAG.


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