Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Disses Wayne – AGAIN! Should Havoc say SORRY? Butt Implants!

NO, SERIOUSLY – 50 CENT IS CRAZY. CERTIFIED. CALLS OUT WAYNE AND BABY! Lil Wayne ain’t replying to 50 Cent so 50 is going to up the ante until a full scale war blasts off. Click here to hear 50’s new love song, “Part-time lover.” 50 says, “You make me want to kiss you like […]


Lil Wayne ain’t replying to 50 Cent so 50 is going to up the ante until a full scale war blasts off.

Click here to hear 50’s new love song, “Part-time lover.”

50 says, “You make me want to kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne and make you call me Daddy like like Baby do Wayne…Damn that s**t sound so gay, its insane.”

By the way, 50 is talking to a woman in the song, but the song starts off with that beef-starting statement. 50 might wanna leave Wayne alone, boyyyyyyeee. Rumor has it, Lil’ Wayne has a diss song called “Gossip” that will diss 50 Cent. Now, I heard that 50’s name won’t get mentioned, but I know Wayne’s gotta reply to this! I mean, this is so WWE at this point, but that’s just wild of 50. Wayne’s nice and he’s shooting 30-foot jumpers. We’ll see!


Now, I do have some close friends and associates. I’m a good friend. Well, when somebody disses them, I take it personally. So, I won’t say his name, but a friend of mine is in New York City and he’s strolling along. He sees Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev. Run. Well, he not a “nobody” and he decides to say hello. This chick did a “bee-line” run to get away from him like he had airborne AIDS or something. She was like, “Get away you filthy, bum.” Now, that might be a bit dramatic, but it happened something like that. Perhaps she was scared at the sight of a regular Black man? I don’t know, but my friend is a “somebody” in the Hip-Hop game. I cant reveal the identity of the person, but I can say that it’s never all that.


I told you about the Texas Music Conference a ways back. I finally got a lil’ video of it after somebody tipped me off to it. These models are enough to make you “sunshine” your girl. If you know what that means, you are an old head. Anyway, check out the video and peep the lovely ladies.

TXSMC 2007 Swimsuit Fashion Show – Eminent Models Part 1


Man, people are not playing with Foxy. Here is a person “close” to the situation. He/she is spitting their version of things. I hope they are right more than what I heard.

She did not lose a car. THAT’S NOT TRUE! She still get royalty checks from her old albums. I guess Jay helped her get ’em back when she re-signed to Def Jam (Rocafella). She wasn’t dropped, but has been trying to leave since November/December 2006…and officially left recently. She hit the girl with her blackberry because the girl was yelling at her for playing her music to loud and the girl said “we can fight right now, b####.” Foxy then “pushed” the girl in the face with her blackberry.

A mush with a Blackberry? I’m about to buy one right now.


Lol! You might recall a few weeks ago, I told you all about Mos Def at SOB’s in New York City. Anyway, at that spot, a Black photographer ASKED Mos to take a picture. Mos declined. The photog was a bit baffled and tried to convince Mr. Def, to no avail. The guy paid Mos respect and didn’t snap the pic. Normal paparazzi doesn’t do that. Here is what Paw told me:

Mos Def felt a little violated about getting his picture taken at Hyde night club when a paparazzi got a snap of one half of the Brooklyn rapper. Mos tried to talk dude into deleting the picture but that was a no go. He should have known homeboy wasn’t going to give nothing up. That’s that mans bread and butter (taking pictures of celebs). Mos Def gave the paparazzo a physical tussle with the camera. He kind of got “owned” because the dude got away.

Check it out, tmz actually taped it! Click here!


UM..what else! I don’t know. I guess I will announce the winners of the “Replace Illseed for A Week” soon. It was not easy, but it came down to a few simple things. Who kept giving me rumors since the beginning, who had good grammar (unlike myself) and who was in-the-know. With that said, I picked three people! On the other side, there are a couple winners that wish to remain anonymous, but they will be giving the rumors to me daily. I will contact you by email, winners!


Nobody is robbing Ne-Yo! Don’t you know he is the “one.” Anyway, if you forgot…there were rumors that the young singer didn’t respect the jux and got robbed. He had a rep hit me with that reply and here it is:

I am a representative of Ne-Yo and I would like to clarify the so-called rumor u have posted regarding Ne-Yo getting robbed at a club in Montréal.

No such incident occurred. Ne-Yo was in Montréal during a much-anticipated cross Canada tour. Both his Canadian fans, Ne-Yo’s camp and Ne-Yo himself enjoyed his shows and after parties in each city. We would like to thank everyone who supported the tour and his latest album release “Because of You” in stores now. Look out for Ne-Yo’s new single “Can We Chill” and the video coming soon.

P.S. CLUBS & after parties are part of the business for those of you who may not work in the industry.

I’m not in the industry. Mr. Rep, can you also respond to that rumor about that fling with the Big Brother girl in the UK? She’s still talking!


It seems as though Eminem will have a song featuring both T.I. & Stat Quo on his new album King Mathers. The song is rumored to be called “Return” and will feature Eminem’s brooding production. Now we know that Em has already worked with T.I. on his new album T.I. vs T.I.P. and is currently helping Stat Quo craft his debut Statlanta. It will be interesting to see how the song turns out. But I thought that King Mathers was a rumor?


All these artists have said sorry for one reason or another: T.I., Pimp C and Gucci Mane. Ironically, they are all from the South. Is it time for Havoc to say sorry?

“F**k T.I., right, F**k T.I. Now I’m not trying to hate on him. He’s definetly in my list a good artist. I love him to death as an artist. But nah, he can’t f**k with M-O-B-B. Anyone down there can’t f**k with M-O-B-B ya heard!” Havoc (of Mobb Deep).

“If anything comes out of this interview … I’m not sh***in’ on the South, Atlanta, Georgia. All I’m saying is don’t get on your own d**k so fast. What is given to you can be taken away so fast and that’s what happened to New York … New York got so comfortable, thought they were doing this doing that and it got taken away from them.”

There are so many contradictions in this, I don’t know where to begin. I have to say, Hav might be borrowing from 50’s diss book. Hav’s got an album coming up soon.


I know most people around these parts are surface dwellers, but there is an underground that I like too. Well, the fans are very loyal to that world and when they are upset…they let it be known! Anyway, MF Doom performed at The Independent in San Francisco on Aug 15th. The house was pretty packed and people got a nice look at MF Doom. So, this is what Dan theorized. He said this imposter is performing while the real Doom is actually rocking the bells on the Rock The Bells concert. He said the “imposter” was skinny and the real Doom is chubby. He said that he suspected the performer was lipsynching behind the “Doom mask.” Doom literally has a big metal mask so a fake could just rock that and get away with it.

Dan said, “He just sends his fat look alike up on stage wearing his bootleg gladiator mask.” While I cannot confirm or deny this, I did hear that Scratch magazine did a photo shoot with Doom and they got tricked too. Doom did send an imposter to take the pics. Funny so if you see that photo shoot, it’s Doom, Jr. Shout out to Doom. If this is true, he’s taken hustle to new levels.


Big L’s life and times will be chronicled in a documentary entitled “The Big L Story.” From what I hear, the film will feature never-before-seen video footage of Big L freestyling with Big Pun. Additionally, there are other features that show Big L’s upbringing in Harlem. RIP.


I have heard way too much of what is going on with Capone of CNN and I printed it before. I’m hearing that he’s in the Burlington County Jail in New Jersey. I heard he was there for traffic violations! On top of everything, I heard he was sent to lockup for beating up some guys that tried to diss him! Nore needs to round up the cocaine cowboys and get him out of there!


So, that Free BS, I’m on it. I want Free to rap, but it appears that she’s going back to radio. My gracious friends in Chicago tell me that Free is a new radio personality in Chicago on WGCI. She has not started yet so you Free Freaks and thank me for the info. What I don’t know is what shift she’ll be working, but it’s official…Free is now in Chicago!


CONGRATS to Kurupt and Gail Gotti. I forget the actual date, but they either are about to get married or just got married. From what I know, they “jumped the broom” in Philadelphia. You know, I get so many rumors, I forget some here and there. Congrats!

If you want to hear Kurupt dumb out on the mic with Nas and Killah Priest, CLICK HERE.


Big shout outs to UGK for selling 160,000 copies last week and making Underground Kings their first album to reach #1 on the Hot 200. Also big ups to Plies for coming in at #2.


Jay-Z came in at #1 on the Forbes List for Hip-Hop moguls of 2006 bringing in $34 million dollars last year. Fif came in second with $32 million and Puff with $28 million. WOW! I guess 50 is going to win next year with the Vitamin Water stuff.

I heard a weird one – that 50 Cent moved his release date UP to Aug. 28, because of the leak of the Robin Thicke song. I have not heard anywhere to verify this information so I don’t believe it.

Amy Winehouse is out of rehab already! I heard her and her hubby Blake ditched the facility and went straight to a bar. This girl better not die like this.

Mary’s people don’t play that rumor stuff, but rumor has it that Mary found out she is pregnant recently. I’m certain to get a statement soon on this.

On “Big Brother,” Kanye shouts out Dame and Biggs. You know Dame is the one dude that really believed in Ye, right?

Victoria Beckham (POSH SPICE) has been blessed to have a $5 million credit limit at Neiman Marcus. You could buy an actual Neiman Marcus with that credit line!


If somebody is looking at you like this, RUN!

In Kansas City, Missouri a man reportedly walked his wife to the balcony of their apartment and kissed her before throwing her over because he could no longer afford to pay for her medical care. Criste Reimer, 47, was pushed to her death by her 51 year old husband Stanley Reimer, and was found dead Tuesday night outside the apartment building. I mean seriously….in love stories wasn’t the balcony supposed to be the place for romance? Click here to read more.

Thanks Tasia.


I have baby fans! Thanks for the pic, Ashley!

[:D] Thanks kids!


Remember how Bill was up on sex charges a few year ago? He paid for that to go away, according to record and rumor. According to Bill’s arguement, he shouldn’t be able to talk about sex offenders. I know Bill wasn’t found guilty in court – you know how that goes. Nas has several dimensions and here is one you should see.

And here is O’Reilly…They can’t even say Nas’ name right…even Bakari said it wrong. It is NAS, as in NOZ or NAAS.


I hope I am not going to hell for this. I am going to snitch on Micheal at the pearly gates. “God, Mike send that to me…I had no idea.”


I have heard a lot about “butt implants,” but I have never actually seen them, because I can’t imagine it being all THAT. Well, here is a picture of a lady that clearly has had the insertion of a** into her backside.

I see you R! Taking these pics with a grown ass woman right before trial time. I get it.


R. Kelly’s estranged wife is a choreographer and she can shake it like a salt shaker. She is the one in the pink pants and the one seen showing off her assets.


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