Hip-Hop Rumors: A Jay-Z/Mary J Blige Tour Coming? Immortal Technique Returns! Shawty Lo Rumors!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. NEWS RUN DOWN G-Unit Clothing Brand Closing? Reps Say ‘No’ N.O.R.E., Monie Love Debut Shows On XM Flavor Flav Starring In New Sitcom VIDEO RUN DOWN New Memphis […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


G-Unit Clothing Brand Closing? Reps Say ‘No’

N.O.R.E., Monie Love Debut Shows On XM

Flavor Flav Starring In New Sitcom


New Memphis Bleek and Uncle Murda video, “Let it off.”

Behind the scenes of the new Sheek Louch video.

Master P and Lil’ Romeo (The Miller Boyz) talk about Black History. (I really like this one!)

Diddy talks about voting.


Remember I told you this one. I told you that I heard Mary and Jay had an album in the works. I am still hearing that, but I have some more information that should be supportive of that rumor. Here is the latest. Jay-Z is supposed to go on tour with Mary J Blige late Spring from what we hear at sources from the streets. We’ll have to wait and see. There isn’t an official statement, but you can sort of consider this to be that proclamation. Call me the Ill Nostradamus. Should this come true, I am going to be there – period.

OH, I almost forgot this one. Jay-Z has begun filming the video for “I Know” from American Gangster. I like that song. This is being shot in New York City.


I trust our news team, so they are saying that G-Unit is is not clothing its doors at all. Click here to read this story. With those facts stated, let me tell you what I am hearing.

My rumor has been debunked, but I have to admit that I heard G-Unit Clothing will be letting a lot of people go. I have been told that 50 Cent and Chris Lighty don’t get along with members of Marc Ecko’s team (some fellows named Effy and Seth?). Somehow, the G-Unit Clothing president was laid off (not sure who or the reality of this situation) without telling 50 Cent and this wasn’t something that made 50 Cent happy. So here is what I deduce…I think that anybody that is within G-Unit’s ranks that works wit Ecko is probably not really going to have a job for long. G-Unit Clothing really just seems to have a sour relationship with Ecko.


I hope I am not messing this up more. But, what I was told there was some funny business going on the whole time. First of all, there was the robbery, where it was widely reported that Keith was relieved of his laptop in South Africa. So, first I heard that the studio where K.M. was robbed was pretty tight so that the fact that he was robbed strongly suggests it was an inside job of some sort. Clearly, I don’t know, but that’s the chit chat. I also heard that Keith made some mistakes on the cultural side. He stage dove on the South African crowd (take note Red and Meth). From what I understand, that doesn’t work. Also, Keith supposedly coerced some poor soul to stage dive as well. And then there is the bombomsie or whatever they call it. I heard Keith as tore up from the floor up.


Here is a goodie for you underground fans! This past Monday, Immortal Technique was on Green Lantern’s radio show on Sirius and touched on his next album/mixtape the duo is putting out. The joint is called The 3rd World and it’s coming out through Viper Records. Tracks will hit the net before they go anywhere else so that means they are coming to AllHipHop. Supposedly digital distribution and tour is in the works. This is excellent news, but what of The Middle Passage?


I think this is pretty must rock solid, but I heard that Shawty Lo just wrapped up shooting a video in the A. This guy is the hottest thing in Atlanta. I say that as an ignorant outsider – LOL! I had another rumor about Shawty Lo, but I forgot it. Sorry.

Maybe it has something to do with his album being stolen and bootlegged? Click here to read that story.


To the people that are going to be working with me as assistants, I am going to email you a secret email address that won’t get cluttered with garbage. That way we can get right to the point and I wont miss your emails. So, look for an email from me and we will get further instruction on how we’ll proceed. THANKS!


This is about a young woman that gets shot dead…there is a slight upside.

And there are few things as horrifying as a pregnant young woman sitting limply in a car, slowly losing her life to a gaping shotgun wound in her back.

But that was the scene at the corner of Griscom and Overington streets in Frankford early yesterday, where police found a fatally wounded 20-year-old Hispanic woman – who was 28 weeks pregnant – sitting in the passenger seat of a beige sedan.

The unidentified woman died at Temple University Hospital at 1:45 a.m., but doctors were able to save the life of her still-developing baby girl.

The premature baby was listed in critical but stable condition at Temple, police said last night.

The woman’s murder was just one part of the puzzling case that left investigators frustrated throughout the day.

An unidentified man, who apparently was with the woman when she was shot, turned up at Frankford Hospital-Frankford with bullet wounds to the left arm, right shoulder and chest, police said.

Shout out to Temple Hospital for being able to save the baby. I knew I should have gone to school there. Also, click here if you want to read the whole news story.


DJ Pharris “Head Noddin” ft Ludacris & Block X-Change


Here is another one of those banned Boondocks episodes. This is so personal!!! I’m a hungry thug!


Here are a couple models that sent their stuff in. Hopefully Diddy is watching.

I have to admit, Deja is my favorite so far, as far as traditional models are concerned.


This dude has a Euro-look!

These are a couple days old, but Kelly is timeless. Plus, she could be my model, but she’s just chillin’ on a beach somewhere without me.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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