Hip-Hop Rumors: Alicia Keys On Nas’ N-Word! Mistah Fab Vs Royce Heats Up!

First, read the previous rumors from today, if you haven’t done it yet There are some goodies about Foxy Brown, Joe Budden, Dame Dash and more!   ROYCE VS MISTAH FAB!   Yep. You know, I have to say that it APPEARS that Royce held out as long as he could. But, if you know […]

First, read the previous rumors from today, if you haven’t done it yet There are some goodies about Foxy Brown, Joe Budden, Dame Dash and more!




Yep. You know, I have to say that it APPEARS that Royce held out as long as he could. But, if you know the Royce that I know, he’s definitely going to come back with a lil’ shot here and there to redeem himself. The funny thing is Royce’s lil’ shot didn’t really warrant a full diss, but guess who is coming back with a full diss? Mistah Fab. F.A.B. is coming back to diss Fab to the fullest. My homey Semtex said he had a conversation with the Fabster and said that the rap is on the way. What’s more is Fab said, and I quote “The gloves are officially off.” I hope he takes a listen to that D12 diss Royce did a few years ago. I don’t think they ever recovered from that. Then there is the Budden Factor, but we’ll get into that a little bit.




There is all this talk about Cam’ron and where he is, but I am interested in knowing where my boy DMX is. They tried to accuse the dog of killing dogs, but we all know X loves the dogs like Trick loves the kids! Anyway, on the where’s DMX tip, I heard DMX is actually close to signing a deal with Bodog Music, an international music company.  I don’t know how true this is, but I heard Bodoggie has an interest in the dog, because of his international celebrity. Also, they have a wider appeal than just music, they do a bunch of stuff. I know them from their Mixed Martial Arts stuff that they do. I heard that Crooked I might be going over there to Bodog too, but I don’t know about that. Crooked’s doing pretty well now. I might be trying to hook up with a more prominent entity in Hip-Hop. Well, I will let you know the deal as the deal unfolds.





Far be it for me to make any accusations, but an individual from the Mobb Deep camp is talking to me like a little birdie would talk. I heard the group’s old manager jacked unreleased tracks for use in his own private underground distribution network.  It was revealed recently that this guy allegedly released several albums without the groups knowledge or permission.  Now, what happened is, these Mobb Deep albums were just popping up out of nowhere. They were so nowhere, I’m not sure what CD’s they are talking about. But, the manager was long suspected but once label executives at G-Unit Records discovered his identity, they fired him. I even heard 50 Cent was involved and the man was fired at a recent Mobb Deep show. According to rumor, others have followed suit like Forty Glocc, Kymani Marley and others. I don’t know if this is all true, but I hope the troops don’t go stormin’ the fort over this. Just make more money or take it to court.


Also, Prodigy recently played his last show as a free man at Webster Hall. I kind of feel sorry for P. It really seems like the cops did him dirty. It is not above them, as we all know.




So, again – I wasn’t invited. But Minister Louis Farrakhan had a luncheon last week in the A, where he addressed many in the Hip-Hop Community. It was a poignant speech from what I heard and resonated with people in attendance. There aren’t really any rumors here, but there are plenty things to note.


From what I understand, Killer Mike was extremely emotional after hearing the Minister’s words of encouragement. Mike actually encouraged the Minister to be harder on the Hip-Hop Nation to do better. Now, the Minister isn’t one of these bozos on Fox News or CNN, who disrespects the Hip-Hop Nation for ratings. He’s somebody that actually gives a hoot. But, I heard Killer Mike actually shed tears and really expressed his heartfelt conflict between right and wrong. Now, I hope I have this right, but I know that Killer was on point. From what I was told, Farrakhan referred to him as a “soldier.” I concur. Here are some points from the speech.


Attendees included DJ Toomp, Killer Mike, Charlie Mack (Will Smith’s old bodyguard), Organized Noise, Professor Griff and Chuck D of Public Enemy, producer Diamond D, Whodini, Cee Lo, Teddy Reilly, No I.D., David Banner, N’Dea Davenport of the Brand New Heavies and others of the Hip-Hop community.


Minister Louis Farrakhan urged a group of Hip-Hop legends to continue to promote positive change within themselves and the Hip-Hop community.


“I want to encourage you to be the light that inspires revolution. We should not be afraid of that word. A revolution only means a complete change.”


“You are the leaders. Jazz came out of pain and look at what we did. Jazz came out of pain and look at what we did. Last came Hip-Hop, all born out of our pain.”


“You are part of a game that’s bigger than you.”


“As long as a women is a b***h and a hoe in your mind, you will never stand up for her”


To women: “What you really are is not boob or butt. Force men to respect you. Black women are not for sale.”


“A record contract cannot get you your virtue back.”


 “It’s better to be dead than to live like we’re living.”


 “Listen to me, because I don’t have a lot of time.”






JENA 6 VIDEO…hmmmmmmmm


Just so you know, I know about the Jena 6 video that is in circulation. I have opted not to speak on it for a few reasons. First of all, think its propaganda and a reaction to all the support the cause has generated in the community – not just the Black community. I want to hear something definitive from a voice that means something in the African American community, not some Right Winger on a mission. There is a clear counter movement to dissolve the support for the Jena 6 and furthermore to disrupt other such acts of organization. . I’m going to wait until I hear from somebody WITHIN our community to express their concerns over this. We know that those monies don’t [typically] go directly to the person[s]. Money like that goes to a fund or to lawyers or something that can be accountable. Those are my two cents and I am waiting.








You can read the whole story by clicking here!














Remember the scientist that was so smart that he said that Whites were genetically smarter that Blacks? Oh, he retired, because he was turning very stupid. How wack did his legacy turn out? Click here to read the story of his ending.


It looks like “American Gangster” sprung a lil’ leak, if you catch my drift.


Shout out to Scarborough (The east side of Toronto) and the whole  S.L.U.G FAM. Here is more information on the Oprah stuff with her school in Africa.They are saying a dorm mother might have grabbed a student by the throat or something. Click here for the story.


Wu Fans unite! There is no beef within the ranks of the Wu Tang. 😉


Oh yeah! Beenie Man isn’t in jail..a warrant was just issued for his arrest. My bad!




Here is a sign – literally. I heard that the great city of Dallas has started posting billboards up that will discourage sagging pants. This is pretty funny to me. I mean, we are talking about tax payers money and energy being exerted on this stuff. I have sad news to report to the old heads – its not happening. Now, since they are going to do this, I recommend they campaign on some other things as well.


1) These metro hipsters and their spandex jeans. Put signs up about that.

2) These old folks and their Dockers that go all the way up to their man boobs.

3) They need to put up signs supporting women’s equality to not wear shirts in public like men.


Here are some of the slogans: “Don’t Be Lame Elevate Your Game.” “Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself,” and “That’s Not Hip-Hop That’s Flip Flop.”


I have a slogan for them to live by: GET A LIFE.



More rumors LATER!


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