Hip-Hop Rumors: Alicia Keys Retiring? Lil Wayne Hurts Canada! Illseed Cheers For Jay-Z!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. OUCH – NOT A LOT GOING ON!   If you want, check me out at illseed.com. There’s something going on there like Jay-Z, Shaq…on a track? How You […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.



If you want, check me out at illseed.com. There’s something

going on there like Jay-Z, Shaq…on a track? How You can Be KANYE! Some other junk. Aside from that, I am like, “Where

are all the rumors?” I mean, now I can appreciate all the drama and BS…because

when there is nothing going on, I can’t deal. Lets see what I can scrape up.




King Blito hit me up and told me that he is saddened and

disappointed that Lil Wayne didn’t show up to a performance at the Tribe Hyper

Club in Montreal. Now, I am not sure if they got juxed in Canada or not,

because I know Weezy is past the club level. Still,

promoters at the club told 

people all night he was on his way. A bouncer even said


was at the air port on his way there. Never showed up. Now, they say Wayne was to do another

show on the 30th. I hope he makes it, because fans are quick to go

from hurt to anger…




There is a depressing rumor talking about Alicia Keys is

going to retire by the age of 30. She ‘bet not! Listen, people need to stop

talking this crazy mess. Now, what her real plans seems to be…is to work really

hard from now until 30, so she can be straight on the money side. At that

point, she will take some time to travel the world and see things you can’t see

when touring. “I am working hard now so I have the choice to retire when I

want.  I would like to travel the world

and stay in places instead of having to move on like I do now. I want to

experience difference cultures,” she told contactmusic.com. I don’t see it

happening. Her music is way to classic to just depart like that.





There she goes again. Shelz talks about the looming Jackson



Now there are many reasons this is not a good thing, but I

don’t have to list them for you.  You

will figure them out all on your own.  A Jackson 5 reunion?  A new millenium Jackson 5 recording?  A Jackson

5 reality show?  I already have a

headache.  Check the premise.  The entire pack of “kids” move back

to the parents abode and record an album as the prying cameras capture every

wacky, madcap moment. The show, per The Enquirer, is the brain child of

Patriarch Joe and would incorporate MJ and JJ. 

However, Mike would not be living in the house nor recording with the

fam.  I guess they are way too old to

interest him.  Hell, I think they are way

too old to interest most.  And where is

JD gonna sleep; in a box under JJ’s bed? 

Imagine the fun that would ensue if Papa Joe caught him in the house

after dark. And even Latoya is supposed to be part of the project.  I can see it now: hip fractures and silicone

and snakes and gloves and jheri-curl juice and Websters all over the place. I

really hope this isn’t true.



Snitching? Ice-T recently did an interview and the Soulja

Boy stuff came up. Ice blamed the dudes that did that CD and then said his son,

Lil’ Ice, put him up to the youtube video! Let me find out Ice… Seriously, from

what he said is that he didn’t know anything about “a youtube” and his son said

it was the only way to get back at Soulja Boy, who was using advanced

technology against him. Anyway, Ice did it and admitted it wasn’t his fortay.




Go Go Boyyyeeee! On the Soulja Boy side, rumors say Raz-B is

getting married. EH.


Revenger~ Mos Def’s ex-wife has a book coming and she claims

he abused her. Hmmm…you don’t know the stuff I heard about her when they got

married. I didn’t even rumor it out of respect for Mos. SMH.


Won’t Help: Rodney Jerkins and Brandy are reportedly getting

back together for her next album.


Fraud! Somebody tried to get me to cry, but telling me Kelly

Rowland is pregnant. But, they don’t know…I’ma man and I’m tell you that ain’t

hardly true!


Wedding Alert! I heard Reggie Bush might have proposed to

Kim Kardashian in the last two days.




Shelz gave me the audio, but I am not about to play this

damn “A Milli R. Kelly” mix. A Milli what? A Milli Underaged Girls? Come on,

son. Here is what Shelz has to say about it:


Ok so I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say we

are so over that damn milli track. 

Instead of listing who has thrown some lyrics over it, it would be

easier to say who didnt.  The last couple

of weeks have created some straglers, but at this point we could  probably hear Pacs voice over this and be

like, stop!  But I’m going to sneak in

one more.  Kelz…. The only reason I

listened to this was because I’m waiting for him to drop some cryptic

confession type lyrics like OJ.  I didnt

bang that child, but if I had this is how I would do it. Didnt happen 🙁  But I feel like there are certain words he

should definitely steer clear of; like bang, shorty and girl.  He managed to use all of them in his 16 bars.

We love them girls, girls, girls, girls?  Yeah Kelz, we know.




Jay-Z American Boy verse


bridges are falling down/ Not bridges but britches when Jigga’s in town


Lady show me your knickers/ I might let you kick it if you

don’t tell the missus,


Quick, run, before the tabloids come/ Run into the night or

we might end up in The Sun


I’m just taking the p###- unless you gon’ do it


Oh no Nelly’s gone so Makavelli/ Bring Tupac of condoms when

you come to the tele,


Tell me if this is true/ If diamond’s are a girls’ best

friend my crew


Would like to extend an invitation to you/ We like to invite

you to


Our family..(pause)/ Jewelry I mean ‘cause my jewels are

currently being guarded by the Queen.”





I can’t say I am the biggest on world affairs, but somebody

sent me this and it piqued my interest. Iran

and Israel

have beef and they are talking back and forth about what they are going to do

to each other. Now, there are rumors that Israeli soldiers have been practicing

for an attack on Iran.

Not a good look. “They know full well what the consequences of such an act

would be,” said Iran’s

foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki. Uh..yeah. Now, I know I sound stupid, but

the news is saying these tensions are pushing up oil and gas prices! Iran is building nuclear arms for the purpose of

electricity, they say, but the Westerners and Israel feel its for more diabolical

reasons. How about you all just work it out so gas can come down to .99 a



RANDOM QUOTES – The Jay-Z Edition:


Jay-Z Talked To MTV Base about Glasto in the UK:


On the show itself:


“It was one of those nervous moments right before I went on

and I haven’t had that feeling in a long time.”


Jigga, on feeling so euro and rocking with Oasis’ hit “Wonderwall”:


“That’s my sense of humor. I have a sense of humor like a

Brit’ so I thought people would appreciate that. Noel Gallagher was one of the

biggest detractors so I figured that was a cool way to start the show.”


Despite the issues, will Jay-Z do the huge festival again?


 “Of course. It was

incredible. I even had wellies in the car but I didn’t need them!”


Jay-Z, on Amy Crackhouse calling Kanye a c***t:


“She said something about Kanye late on [in her set] but I

didn’t hear it. I don’t agree with it. He’s my brother and the biggest artist

on Roc-A-Fella right now. … I guess I should hook them up, because he’s a

great guy, too. I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know where that came





Kanye West proclaims the G.O.A.T.:





[illseed note: I wonder what Jay-Z has to say about THAT.]


The Game took metaphors to the next level in AllHipHop.com’s

last interview with him:


“There’s not a rapper in the world that I can’t lyrically

f**k in the a** so I don’t think nobody really wanna cross that line with me.

Once you do, just know it’s a chance you might never be able to feed your kids

and your family ‘cause I’mma put your s**t to a dead stop and I don’t care who

you are.”


[Clearly, there is nobody f**king with The Game.]


Somebody forwarded me and email from a person telling me the

status of Royce Da 5’ 9” and his arm:


“Did you know that Royce broke his arm arm-wrestling a fan

in the Netherlands?

He had to have surgery and pins in his arm.”


[Illseed note: Damn Royce!]


The man that Amy Winehouse tried to beat up is talking



“I saw a hat being thrown from behind me and it hit

Amy’s beehive. She looked down, saw me looking up, and her elbow went for me.

She caught my forehead, then someone may have shouted something from the back,

which is when she went in again. It is all part of the Glastonbury experience. I’m just pleased I

got to see her. She did a great act. Not everyone can say they have been hit by

Amy Winehouse. I just want to shake the person who threw the hat.”

Method Man talks about Soulja Boy (the Nutz / Power 98.3):


“Lyrically, he’s not the truth. Like, he’s a shorty. What

life experience does he have where he can go up against a Nas or a Lil Wayne

for that matter. It is what it is. These kids like him. Don’t hate on the lil’

n***a. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not biggin’ up Soulja Boy. I think the n####

sucks too. Bottom-line, I think he’s garbage. I don’t think everybody should be

blaming him for the state of Hip-Hop. You can’t just put that on his



Young Jeezy on Obama and McCain [MTV]:


“Barack, he has a lot of things going for him. He’s

ahead of his time. Given the right chance, he’ll make some type of change.

We’ll feel it. I really feel that. John McCain is cool, but he looks like a

fraud to me.”




I told you B was hype over the Jay-Z show, but here you go… 

Is that Mel B’s Husband?


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