Hip-Hop Rumors: Are These Breakup Texts From Nicki Minaj?


The Nicki and Safaree breakup is really messy.

It really seems that the two shared a genuine love for one another, but there’s not hurt like a woman scorned and according to these text messages allegedly sent from Nicki Minaj to Safaree she decided to hit him where it would hurt.

The Shade Room posted screenshots of messages allegedly from Nicki’s ex’s phone, where she admits to smashing Meek Mill.


nicki-safaree0breakPhoto: TheShadeRoom

The site also has claims to back up that the dates and timeline in these messages add up:

“On this particular day, Nicki, Safaree, and Chiraq rapper Lil Herb were all in the studio. Nicki Minaj was angry because she felt Safaree was showing out and basically ignoring her. She would ask him for assistance and he completely ignored her and treated her like ish. Throughout the time that they were in the studio they were arguing via text back and forth over the issue. At one point, Nicki Minaj asked Safaree to help her with her bags down the stairs and to the car and he ignored her and said no. Instead, he brought guns to the studio to show off for Lil herb (he was very excited about working with him). Nicki Minaj didn’t appreciate the fact that he was of little to no help and spent his time bragging in the studio for an 18 year old. In the text messages, she threatened to get Safaree beat up and she hit him where it hurts by admitting that she had intimate relations with Meek Mill that same day in the live room. Now, Nicki could have been trying to make him jealous but this is what she told him.

We can confirm that 9 months ago (36 weeks ago) Nicki Minaj, Lil Herb, and Safaree were all in the studio together. Nicki Minaj and Safaree both posted pics posing with Lil Herb in the studio exactly 36 weeks ago.”

Damn Nick. #whatIdidwaswackbutyoudontyamanbacklikethat lol!!!