Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Is Pregnant? R.Kelly’s Scary, New Look! Remy Ma Update!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.  YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Ray-J Has Song About Sexin’ Whitney and Dissing Bobby!Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck Speaks (Sorta)! Just A Lot of Star Stalking!BEYONCE IS PREGNANT?   Yeah? […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.

 YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Ray-J Has Song About Sexin’ Whitney and Dissing Bobby!Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck Speaks (Sorta)! Just A Lot of Star Stalking!BEYONCE IS PREGNANT?


Yeah? Well that is what people are saying there days. A good

source buddy of mine is now telling me that, Beyonce

is indeed with child. So, I did a second’s worth of research and discovered

that they are saying she is preggers. Who knows man?

I man sheeeesh….this is obsession at its worst/best.

Anyway, OK! Magazine is stating that B is definitely pregnant with Jigga’s kid and have sources to

back that up. Obviously, this might be the perfect time. Get that kid outta the way so she can come back out singing in a year,

making it hard for these R&B chicks to eat! You know, Mya

and Amerie might creep back into the mix! Anyway,

look at the video at the bottom of the page for more evidence of this rumor

being true.







Eminem is going to be breaking

back out in the most major way possible, according to new rumors. My good UK friend

notified me that Eminem will be playing a concert in

homage to the South African presiden, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela is about to be 90 years old this summer. Somehow they managed to get Em out and he’ll be playing at London’s

Hyde park on June 27.

You can bet that Eminem will create a dust up over

his involvement, but if Mandela is with it, who are we to argue. Plus, Eminem is really a different dude than what he once was, my

sources say. And if you don’t know about Nelson Mandela: Google him, baby. And

I literally mean baby.


Guess who called The R and asked for their style back? Click here to see!



Right now, Remy Ma is in the Women’s House of Detention.

Here is what I am hearing. When Remy

first went in, she was crying an awful lot.

She seemed “totally shocked” that she was actually locked up

and that she cried so much, as standard procedure, they put her on suicide

watch. I heard that Papoose is really in love with this woman and has

continually visited her like everyday to 4 times per week. (Good for him. Dude

gets all the respect from me for riding for his woman.) Remy has been mostly

quiet and to herself. I heard she is

nothing like Foxy Brown and that Remy is regular. Foxy is more of a diva in the

bing. For those of you that care, Remy supposedly

showers, even though other chicks tend to skip a day or so. Remy shows some humility but still holds her

head high. The male guards don’t sneak a

peek at Remy when she is taking a shower, but I heard they used to look at

Foxy. I heard they like how Remy acts and give her that amount of respect. Not

saying they don’t respect Fox, but that’s what it is.


From what I understand, one thing that is bugging Rem a lot is that her son may not be in the hands she wants

to see him with. She never got so say goodbye to him, but I heard he was in the

courtroom. Based on what I heard, something isn’t right at home with Rem’s people.




Did you realize that Lil Wayne’s

album has been pushed back again? I cannot fathom what they are doing! Well,

this is the fact in the rumor world. He is supposedly pushing it back to

perfect the album. We know that’s not possible! Put it out!!!!! We’ve been

waiting forever. I hear it is now coming out in June. Sheeesh.


A concert scheduled for tonight at the Civic

Center in Tallahassee,

FL with Lil’ Wayne has been cancelled.

No reason was given.


Lil’ Wayne also appeared at a NY court room

yesterday to answer one of his many legal cases. I can’t keep up.




I heard that Spice 1 is out of the hospital fully (as in

100%) recovered from the gunshot wound to the chest. But, the word on the

street is that, Spice is looking for that the “crackhead”

and that the person is laying low. I

also heard that Spice’s crew is on the looking out too looking for a hint of

who did this. More on this….




This certainly can be seen in a couple of different ways.

Good and bad. Those of us that were out and about in the rolling 90’s know that

DMX and others were party to the biggest tours Hip-Hop had seen at those times.

Tours with

Jay-Z and all that. Well, DMX is now on a college tour selling tickets for $25

a pop, I am hearing. He recently played at Indiana University

from Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Then there was additional drama. DMX got

there late and there is a noise ordinance, where no concerts can play after

9:30 pm. Sooooo….when the police came in, they

removed DMX from the stage. The college students started yelling and cussing

and the kiddies were maced. Someof

the students went to the hospital and the street was shut down. Why were they maced? I heard they were throwing things at the cops and rushing

the stage. Cops need a bodyguard like Lil’Wayne.


By the

way, DMX has denied responsibility for this mess. Click it to read it.




I don’t know about this one. I think I have to side with Webbie and say the DJ was pushing him for a reaction.




OK. If you saw the video yesterday of Pharrell

playing this beat and there he was with a dope chick that looks like a Latina version of Lauren

London. That babe right there is Vanessa Marquez and clearly she is a winner.

The only thing is, she’s not signed to Star Trak anymore. Well, the girl that got the actual beat in

the video is somebody else. Her name is Natasha Ramos and she’s a new artist on

Star Trak, not to be confused with Vanessa Marquez.That song is hers, not Skateboard P’s or Vanessa.

The song is called “Midnight Hour.” Peep our Natasha’s page and her fan

page for some additional music when you get a shot. Shout out to Jhonny Dejesus who is rapping on one of the tracks.




Shout out to my dude BOSS UP! It is his birthday today so

send him a shout out when you get a chance.


Rock group Metallica is opening a

record shop. They never learn to they?


Sadly, I heard that Bob Marley’s mother died of natural

causes recently. RIP.


Bobby Valentino has departed the crew known as DTP. Stay








There’s this thing called the vicious cycle, a term often

associated with disenfranchised people. Well here is an example of vicious

cycle to the fullest. Most couples argue over money, cleaning the house or

their wack parents. In Commerce City, Colorado,

a couple was arrested for disturbing the public for arguing with his girl over

what gang their 4-year-old would eventually join. WOW. Joseph Manzanares, 19, ran up into a video rental storm to argue

with his girl and in the process he knocked over a bunch of stuff, including a

computer. See, she is a member of the Crips and he is

the member of a gang called the Westside Ballers.

They couldn’t agree on what gang the baby would join. They should let him join

a gang like a fraternity, the police dept or some other organization with

gang-like tendencies. 🙂





My girl Kendra G gets her weave in a bunch over Beyonce, Remy Ma and Jay-Z. LOL! Check this out. (I don’t

know if Kendra has a weave!)











I heard he got hit the first time, but nailed it here. Kidding.



You diss the Fro-Hat, you diss yourself.

Remember how much of a wild child Kelis was?

Strippers beware. You are being watched. For more freaks, click here.

Get the latest update on the Sean Bell case here.

I don’t think this is what Marvel had in mind for Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Click here fore more fans gone wild!

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Y’all be safe and go in peace (unless somebody puts a hand on you!) YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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