Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow’s Omarion Beef, Woman Cuts Baby From Her Moms Tummy…

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. HMMMM…G-UNIT AND CASSIDY = SAME BEAT?   So, I don’t know how producers work sometimes. But 50 Cent and Cassidy have something in common and its not beef. […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.



So, I don’t know how producers work sometimes. But 50 Cent

and Cassidy have something in common and its not beef. G-Unit and 50 Cent do

their thing on T.O.S. If you listen to this song by Cassidy and Larsiny Family

called “Boyz Is Back” that came out Late ’06/Early ’07, and then

listen to G-Unit’s “Let It Go” (Track 12) on T.O.S., you wonder is

Don Cannon Recycling beats? My homey Nook alerted that the beats were both done

by Cannon. Now, if this song didn’t appear on an album, then it might just be a

loose What do you think?


They are saying, based on projections, that Terminate On

Sight (T.O.S.) will move about 700,000 units.


Cassidy Ft.

Larsiny (“Boyz Is Back”)



G-Unit Ft.

Mavado (“Let It Go”)






I don’t know how far back you all can remember, but after

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans,

Baby from Cash Money was all in the news. If you recall, some cops were caught

stealing from his mansion (aka looting). Anyway, it seems that Baby just

aborted the house in lieu of Miami.

Now the spot is on the auction block…or in foreclosure. The state is selling

the spot at a starting bid of  $598,500.00. You will have to put down 10% of

the amount if you are trying to get it. Also, you will have to contend with all

the clean up that is inevitably there from Hurricane Katrina.

WHAT HAPPENED WITH BOW WOW AND OMARION?On the remix of “Lookin’ Boy,” Bow Wow gets to rapping and he says, “Damn those jeans are tight – Omarion lookin’ boy.” Now, Yung Joc had already dissed Raz-B, but why is Omarion dissing his boy? I can’t call it,but I did some research. My researched turned up nothing on this note, but here is what Bow Wow said last time they were “beefing.”“That’s my

boy! One thing the fans gotta realise is that before music, we’re men.

Me and O been knowing each other for five and a half years. The people

know we’re homies. “It was a big misunderstanding. We talked about it.

He apologised if it didn’t come out clear. I told him I apologised if I

took it the wrong way. We squashed it like men should do. “I ain’t got

time for that B.S. I’m about to be 20 years old. O is 21. I’m a

positive dude. I try my best to keep my head on straight.”

Wow Bow will be saying sorry in no time. I do have to commend him for taking a stand agains the tight pants disease in Hip-Hop. LOL.



I have been fighting myself over this Nas CD. But from the

people that I know, this album sounds like it might work out. It definitely

sounds like an album that could have been made in the 90’s when rappers were

saying some thought-provoking s**t. If you didn’t hear “Testify,” slide on over

to the audio/music section to hear that. That’s a crazy record that is sure to

spark controversy.





Canada is

still reeling from a pair of missed Lil Wayne concerts in Montreal. From what I heard, the contract

with Lil Wayne was signed by the club and Weezy. The response was so crazy,

that they created the second show for June 30th so they could deal

with the overflow of ticket sales. But, they are saying that Wayne couldn’t pass the border to perform, a

very likely scenario. You may recall that DMX had that issue as well a few

years ago.  In Canada sometime they do require

permit from artists with legal problems. It may be a case that the club didn’t

tell him about it and was forced to take the loss on both dates.


Somebody that didn’t get fronted on was Public Enemy. The

group was in Canada

and rocked some festival. I heard it was super ill and the actually rocked It Takes

A Nation of Millions – the whole album.



Better To Have Loved...I am hearing Superhead is still in love with the boy Bill Maher. 

Up or Down? I heard for the umpteenth time that Cassidy has been

released from his contract with J Records.


Remember yesterday’s rumor? That dude next to Beyonce wasn’t

Mel B’s hubby. That was the infamous Jay Brown, who is in Kanye’s “Big


 Why Not? Jay-Z was going to bring out Wiley to the stage at the

Glasto Music Festival, but didn’t for some reason. Wiley is a really big UK rapper. Google



Speaking of the UK:

N.E.R.D. has a party in the UK

that drew Robin Thicke, Kenna, Cool Kids and Jay-Z.


It’s the Roc! Jadakiss is supposedly all ready to drop his

new CD this fall. What exactly does Roc-A-Fella mean as a brand now? Anyway, 50 Cent is also supposed to drop in a few months too.




Lupe at the Glastonbury



“F**k George Bush, f**k all tyrannical world leaders.

“F**k politics, democrats, socialists, the labor party.” [What about tyrannical local leaders? F**k them too!]


Former Atlanta Mayor/ Civil Rights Leader Andrew Young about



“He’s bright enough, sensitive enough, vulnerable

enough and intellectual enough that he might be able to help the society deal

with the problem of violence.”


I want to make Gabrielle Union change her mind about having

kids…lets have some ill seeds, baby! Don’t be afraid. You will still be able to act.


“Right now, I don’t have the same urges as other women when

they see a baby. When I see children, I see responsibilities, which I don’t

think I’m quite ready for. I feel the same about puppies. They’re cute for a

second, but there’s a lot of responsibility involved.”




This was so sick, I didn’t even put it up when I first read

about it. DUDE, a convicted sex offender faces charges after he allegedly hid

inside public restrooms as part of an attempt to obtain and drink boys’ urine. Alan

Patton (remember this demented name) allegedly tried to collect URINE….my

friends…urine….he was collecting the urine of little boys from a men’s

restroom. Police said that Patton, a 56-year-old registered perv, cut off water

to the urinals and gathered P### from them. I just threw up. OK, I am back.

When he was arrested, PattyBoy said that he, “wasn’t hurting anyone” and that

he “suffers from an illness.” Dude was first registered as a sex deviant in

1994 when he was first diagnosed with a disease called u######## – a sexual

fetish involving urine. He also told police that drinking boys’ urine made him

feel like he was “ drinking their youth,” Ludlow

reported. He just loves the pee of little boys. What is extra strange is, he doesn’t

even touch the boys. Thing is, dude and dudettes, there is no law against

drinking somebody else’s pee pee. The “laws” are working on that.




I like to say this is more of a “signs things haven’t

changed” instead of the world coming to an end, but here ya go.


A 19-year-old man suspected (the operative word is

SUSPECTED) of killing a Prince George’s County (PG County) police officer was murdered

by strangulation in the county jail only two days after his initial arrest. Off

the top, what does that sound like to you? Before you answer, let me go into

more detail. They strangled him and broke his neck. Ronnie White was separated

from the other inmates in the jail where only seven guards and random

supervisors could get to him. Where White was killed, there were no cameras or

video equipment to record the act. The jail has stated that White may have

killed himself. UHHHH…REALLY, JAIL? Last time I check, nobody was appointed

judge, jury and executioner.SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END…TREFeel free to tell me I am going too far! But I just HAD to put this Star News story on the rumors page. People are GOING MAD! Read it…just read it. Share it with your co-workers, friends and family…the world is coming to the…end.Mom died after baby cut from womb: PoliceStar News ServicesPublished: Wednesday, July 02, 2008LOS

ANGELES – A 23-year-old accused of killing a woman by cutting the baby

from her womb was behind bars in northwestern Washington state Tuesday,

local television KOMO reported.

The suspect, identified as

Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong, called police Friday, saying she had

just given birth and feared her baby had died.She finally confessed that she had killed the baby’s mother, whose body was found with “massive trauma to her stomach area.”[:@]Signs Four…don’t forget that patient in a BK emergency room that got NO CARE even though she was wriggling on the ground and security looked at her numerous times. Nobody did anything, because people don’t care. 



I must be in a bad mood today, but I swear everything I hear

and read has me rolling my eyes.  Folks

are really starting to appear disconnected from reality.


1. Ne-Yo had the nerve to make an actual video for that

milli freestyle.  And its about as good

as the freestyle.  Which means it’s bad;

very, very bad.


2. The New Edition Kids on the Block?  A reunion/collabo from 80’s hell.  Look, that’s not going to be a group.  That’s a damn choir and out of the 47 of

them, only one can sing. I really wonder whose going to ruin their career by

stepping up to the production plate.


3. Wayne

sells champagne?  I think its called

Halo. Maybe some bubbly syrup hybrid? 

The last thing he needs to be selling is intoxication. Considering how

much he has, he should just give it away.


4. Keyshia Cole’s mom is writing a book. No comment.


5. Mos Def’s wife. Well wait.  Were they ever married?  Didn’t they find out he was married when they

went to get married? I’m so confused. 

But not as confused as the ladies who are actually going to buy that



6. Fifty’s new hair. 

He’s got like an S-curl or something. 

Its very Ready For the World-ish just not all drippy. Guess that’s his

celebration coif for the release today. Hope Ciara doesn’t mind listening to

that plastic cap rattling all night.


Officially wishing the Unit some luck with TOS.  I’m out to get an attitude adjustment.




Another Day, Another Tell All………


As if Superhead, Carmen Bryant, and Miss Jones wasn’t enough looks like Mos

Def’s ex wife Alana Wyatt is taking a stab at the cash cow as well.  In

her new tell tale Wyatt goes into detail about the relationship between her and

Mos Def. It’s all lillies in the field until she starts talking about how

abusive Mos Def got towards her! I know, I know foolishness right? well read it

for yourself:


“He had asked me if I would attend a MuchMusic performance featuring

Kanye West. Now, that was a little awkward because a year prior I had met Kanye

in Vegas and we had a moment! NOT SEXUAL! I REPEAT, KANYE WEST and I NEVER have

had sexual relations,” she emphasises in the book. She adds: “Much to my

surprise, Mos introduced me as his wife.” The next day, August 17, 2005, the

pair were married at Toronto

City Hall. In the wedding

photos included in the book they look happy and sober. “There were stories that

we may have been on drugs when we go married…..it was true honest love at first



Within six weeks, the couple had attended Fashion Week in New York, the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami,

purchased a $850,000 house in Caledon

— and separated. She said she filed for divorce in October following what she

claimed was a loud argument that got out of control. “I don’t believe that his

intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point,” she

said. “But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive)

situation and I asked of him not to do that [abuse her]. Wyatt-Smith said she

didn’t press charges because she didn’t “want to cause problems” in the hopes

that his outburst was “a first and last.”


She said there were several attempts at reconciliation, but that Mos

Def, who has six children with four different women, has a demanding though not

abusive demeanor that she found difficult to abide. They have not been together

since October 2006, but despite a $115,000 financial settlement are not

officially divorced. “He won’t sign the papers,” she said. “He told my lawyer

if he can’t have me, nobody else will.”


Hmmm…don’t know if it’s worth my 15+ for the hard copy but I will take a comp

copy, Alana tell your management team to get at me! Not for nothing but if you

did have sexaul relations with Kanye I repeat if you DID have sexual relations

with Kanye it would sell more copies! Just a suggestion 😉 


As If he wasn’t already making enough money…….


Jay Z is set to buy stakes in the New York Yankee’s franchise. Jay Z has been

quoted numerous times saying ‘ I Love The Yankees’ The deal was on the

table days ago and it looks like Jay is already moving towards making it

happen! He states ‘I’m in the middle of following that through.’ As

we all know Jay already has part ownership of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets

franchise which is suppossed to move to Brooklyn

in 2010! As if this guys needs anymore money save some for the rest of us

wishful thinkers to get a piece of LOL!


T Pain tells m###’s to stop biting his style……


We all knew it was coming T Pain finally got at artists who have been using his

style of delivery.  At a recent Hot 97 Concert he said he wants other

artist to stop trying to sound like him. *cough* Kanye and Weezy

*cough* He said he has 37 songs on the radio right now and that he wants people

to quit swagger jacking and using the same effect he uses on his songs. Hmmm

seeing as he wasn’t the originator of it how could they be jacking him! You

can’t get jacked if you jacked it from someone else! The person who started

using the machine back in 19….. should be taxing all yall a####!


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought


With recent removal of Miss Jones from Hot 97 I’m a bit nervous… What will

happen to me if celebrities stop doing stupid stuff and actually get some

sense? Nevermind I’m cool that will NEVER happen!


Fantasia and Dro are still kicking….. But I still can’t keep them down

something about their union unsettles my stomach how bout you?


Will anyone else be keeping an extra eye before you drop your pants in the

bathroom now?



Go hard or go home! 

THE HITCH PREEMOI am going to see “Hitch” no matter what the critics have to say about it! And they can talk about Will Smith being the new face of Scientology all they want. I’m going! here are some pics from the recent movie premier.

The Smith Fam!

A lil’ hubby and wife play…

And…Lisa Raye.


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