Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron’s Vengeance, Tigger To Sue Superhead? 50 Cent’s White Friend!

SCHOOL’S IN SESSION! I am back! Snapping necks and cashing large checks like EPMD! What it is, people? I peeped in and saw the subbies had done their thing a lil’ bit on the rumors side, even if they fell slightly shy of your expectations! They’re new – what do you expect. I’m back and […]


I am back! Snapping necks and cashing large checks like EPMD! What it is, people? I peeped in and saw the subbies had done their thing a lil’ bit on the rumors side, even if they fell slightly shy of your expectations! They’re new – what do you expect. I’m back and I even gave my computer a lil’ peck on the screen since in missed her. I was living life like Cam in a secluded area away from the madness! Speaking of…


Cam’ron’s back?

Y’all act like you never heard of an Indian Summer! That’s what Cam was talking about when he said it’s going to be a hot summer, b. He didn’t stop back in the spring, by the pool. He’s been working and will return with his anticipated album Courtesy Curtis this year, from what I have been told. From what I have been told, Cam will be linking up with Slim Thug and Papoose on the album’s first song. I heard this song was the first single, but I also heard that that old song “Weekend Girl,” might be the first single. Regardless – Indian Summers can last up until November, people!


DMX has a special place in Hip-Hop history. In fact, he’ got distinctions that people like 50 Cent, Snoop and Jay-Z don’t have. That’s a homework assignment. Anyway, I heard that DMX stayed in a Florida hotel room for about 30 days dealing with some “personal issues” of the Amy Winehouse sort. Now, I’m not going to go any deeper than that, but it relates to the alleged illegal substances found in his AZ home. I hope those drugs aren’t what I heard they are or that brother is about to get “vicked” in a whole new way. X definitely hasn’t been at his crib in Arizona since those dog allegations popped up. If you didn’t know, they found three dead dogs buried in X’s garden. What a fertilizer that is!


Superhead has put a lot of people under the bus and it looks like one person is about to take action! Word on the block is that Tigger is going to sue Superhead from claiming that he had a homosexual tryst with Tyson Beckford on Jamie Foxx’s “Foxhole” radio show. I don’t blame him. She said a lot of stuff on that show and its like, “OK, enough is enough.” Anyway, I would like to see this play out in court…there are real terms called slander and defamation folks.


How the devil does Keke Palmer have a song called “Keep It Movin'” featuring Big Meech. For those that don’t know Keke is a super cute pop singer, not to be confused with the crazy a** older chick named Keke Wyatt that thinks she can sing better than Beyonce. Anyway, Atlantic Records spams me this song and I’m like, “WTF – Meech is incarcerated!” I know Pimp C didn’t spring him, so I had to see what it Meech is doing rapping! Come to find out, its some light-skinned boy rappin’ under the name Big Meech! All I gotta say, if that Lil’ Meech wants to keep doing cheesy pop raps, he better change that name before BMF comes knocking! Change the name to Lil’ Mitch, homey! As a matter of fact, Keke Palmer might want to do that same, before Keke Wyatt comes with the treatment her hubby got on X-mas day!


I know White people buy most of the rap albums, but 50 might be taking it to far on Curtis! So, he’s got Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and I am assuming Eminem. Well, guess who has sold more records than all of them? MADONNA! All that friendly stuff that was seen in the video wasn’t for nothing! My sourcies (not a typo) told me that during the filming of “Ayo Technology” 50 and “Madge” got acquainted enough to do a joint for the album. I heard this is in part 50’s desire to be a bigger force overseas and he was going to do a song with Robbie Williams til’ the chap had to go to rehab. Whoo Kid better get at me! Tell me the truth!

50 might sell diamond with all this – LMAO!

I know you hate the 50 rumors, but I gotta let you know the update on the “I Get Money” remix. How does Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye and Luda, Eminem and Dr. Dre sound to you? Well, I have sources that sharply counter any notion that Em and Dre will be on that song…we can dream can’t we? I still have heard from a number of people that this dream will turn into reality.

Click here for the audio and see the video below (I know it’s a lil’ old, but I’m just seeing it). LOL @ 50 Cent busting into the show when Kanye was clearly supposed to come out. OH, I love the theater of it all!


Rihanna almost needed one of those big umbrella’s in London to help her glide to a safe place! She got trapped in a life at a studio, from what I have been told. “The Friday Night Project” with Kim Cattrall was to feature the singer as well. Well, a lift carrying the singer just stopped and it took emergency workers about 30 minutes to save ol’ girl. That’s not so exciting if you weren’t there.

But, here is something that might interest you gossip hounds. Rihanna made a love connections with Travis from Gym Class Heroes while she was out in the UK. Yeah, that’s right – she linked with the alt rock rapper. He was DJ’ing a party and she requested an introduction and it was on from there. I heard she even got him to come back to her hotel with him, which I found to be amazing. It is usually the men trying to get them to come back to the telly!


There is trouble in Yonkers, my friends.

I know you heard about the beef between J-Hood and Sheek Louch of D-Block. Now, I heard that Hood is off the Block and in the city taking business meetings with a number or labels that have expressed interest in signing him. Now, I have heard that there has been friction, between these two on a couple of occasions. This all came to a head as Sheek is preparing his new album on Koch and Hood still kind of waiting for his to drop. Somebody said this to me:

“Now J-Hood has been the definition of loyalty throughout his tenure with the label, even though they’ve been shunning his project since he came in the game right around the time Jadakiss 1st solo LP, Kiss of Death was released.”

Hood’s Tales from the Hood has been pushed back more than Hulk Hogan’s wig. I heard that J-Hood’s CD features like a crapload of acts like Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I, Freeway, Loon, Jae Millz, Stack Bundles, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Fabolous. Here is a lil’ more info:

This story has a lil more weight than these typical industry conflicts. Hood has been through some colorful times in his past 5 years waiting in the wings. What people dont know is this kid is still chasing his dream. He still write rhymes from a 2 bedroom apt he shares with his mother and 2 sisters, after they relocated from a shelter they were forced to live in when their previous apartment building burned down. It gets real personal from here but the gist of it is basically, there’s a lotta pain being endured by someone who only wants a chance to do what everybody with a record deal is suppose to do- release a record.

Last but not least – here come the diss records! Both Sheek Louch and J-Hood have been in the studio all week recording diss records against each other, I heard. There is a song called “Last of a Dying Breed” by J-Hood – there are some words on it. I don’t know if we’ll really see this pop off like G-Unit/BWS/Murder Inc, but the underground will certainly enjoy the lyrical fireworks if it ever gets to that.


They mentioned this last week, but here is a lil’ video of Gillie Vs Cassidy! I thought it was the city of brotherly love? It seems like the DVD people are creating dissention between dudes.


I know BG is down with TI and blowing up and all that, but he might want to tend to the stuff going on over there with his Chopper City Records! I guess the offices are located in Metairie, Louisiana and they are threatening to evict the label from their premises. They’re going to be kicked out very soon, but it doesn’t appear that anybody is there anyway. Anyway, there are a bunch of notices on the front door…we’ll see!


All the drinking and wilding finally broke his wife down. They have been married since 1985 and now its over.

“Me and my wife are going through a divorce, but she is still my friend. She is my rock and is totally supportive of what I am doing, and that’s me having hit rock bottom.”


If you didn’t hear yet, Beyonce shattered many dreams when they revealed she was wearing a flesh colored bra at the time of her “flashing” incident. Could they put nips on that bra?

Jamie Foxx and Lil’ Kim? They have reportedly been seen heading up to a hotel room together. Hmmmm….don’t think so.

Remember the Eastside Boyz? Yeah, them dudes that were down with Lil’ Jon? I heard they got a deal!

T.I. and 50 are supposed to appear at the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards in the UK this year.

Bone Crusher may not be poppin in the Hip-Hop world right now, but I heard VH1 is going to have him back for another reality show about losing weight and gaining confidence.

Shout out to Common, who played in front of 20,000 people in the UK. He opened for the Purple one Prince.

Shame on Mike Vick’s daddy too. Sad to see a man turns on his own flesh and blood.

Mya’s Sept 18 release date is no more. I don’t know if she got tracks in her head, but her wig has officially been pushed back with no date in sight.

AHH recently interviewed John Singleton. On Saturday, Singleton hit and killed a jaywalker named Constance Russell. Police say he wasn’t drinking or speeding…it was a “tragic accident.”


MY GOD! Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the universe! On top of that, his successor is a Mexican man named Carlos Slim Helu, who is all up in the wireless world! I think I am going to run across the border and be an illegal alien over there. Anyway, Gates is now worth 59.2 billion and he’s now the No. 2 dog. This other dude has earned $37 billion in just two years. What am I doing wrong? But, Bill isn’t sweating the lists. He’s been giving his money away charity for years and was once worth $100 billion at one point. 50 Cent might die trying to spend his, but Gates is going to die giving his away. Gates is supposed to quit Microsoft next year to continue his charitable works full-time. My dude.

ILL STUFFI am not speaking at all on any legal cases here…

Look at my girl Remy? Dissin Fat Joe again…Here is the video…Sheeshus Khrist.

Here is what I was all about on my vacation.



Here is a video by Pat Bentar – LMAO! What can I say, “Love is a Battlefield!” WHAT WHAT WHAT!

..And Pete Rock sampling it…

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