Hip-Hop Rumors: Canibus Apologizes To Hip-Hop AND J. Cole!?! The Roots Want to Make a Movie…or Play!!


Canibus Says Sorry to Hip-Hop and J. Cole for Recent Diss:

We’re not even going to question the level of bipolarity that Canibus is dealing with, because clearly, this has to be one of thee worst attempts at generating publicity and awareness for an album ever seen. Let’s be real, that’s this cheap shot was, man! Want to know more about Canibus’ album? That’s what Google is for, people.

Even worse is that this seems like more of a blatant diss than the record itself that he released. SMH.

The Return of the Men In Black!

MiB3 will be hitting theaters during a very crowded Summer 2012 as far as movies go. Thoughts?


-The Roots, whose new album, Undun, dropped last week, are currently in the process of seeing the concept album turned into either a film or play at some time in the near future.

-MC Hammer is being sued by the government for owing them about $800,000 in back taxes. Damn, Hammer.

-Questlove recently revealed his top concept albums. #3 … MF Doom with MM…Food, #2 …J Dilla with Donuts and #1…De La Soul with De La Soul Is Dead. What say you?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has generated $1 BILLION in its first 16 days of release. It overtakes the film Avatar as being the highest grossing entertainment release in the shortest amount of time.

-Rhymesayers and Atmoshpere have just announced the “Welcome to Minnesota Tour,” a six-date tour taking place in – you guessed it – Minnesota! The tour kicks off February 20th.

-Gucci Mane has struck a custody deal with his baby’s mama, Sheena Evans, where she will receive just over $2,000 a month to support their four-year-old son.