Hip-Hop Rumors: Cray! What Happened At Kanye West’s Concert Last Night?


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Last night, Kanye West was out and about at the giant NYC Post Office, where he was performing on behalf of Samsung. I’m not exactly sure of the nature of the concert, but I assume they gave Kanye crazy money to perform his G.O.O.D. music to push one of their tablets or phones. I heard a couple of things from people there and people not-so-there.

First, I heard the show was great. I heard Kanye killed it and was in his usual rare form. I heard Kim K was there as well, but nothing more than that. A whole gang of celebs and industry people were out there in the mix, too, getting it in. Now, many of them had difficulty actually getting in due to the mayhem outside of the venue.

The event was crazy outside, I’m hearing. They had major heavies waiting a long time to get in. Most of them eventually got in. A couple didn’t, I heard. But the main reason people didn’t get in is because they got there too late, and the mayor’s office straight shut the front down to more people coming in. It was at capacity, and that was it.

Inside, I heard there was some kind of fracas that resulted in glass being throw and people being hurt. I’m not fully sure what happened, though. I will try to look into it, but people seemed to be going crazy period! Some people were outside trying to get in and were getting arrested arguing with the cops! You don’t argue with NYPD unless you like Russian Roulette!!!!!

More later….